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 Captain: Marrah Price
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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 🌟 7 22:00 Male olean, NY 10K
2 34:52 Female Garden grove, CA 5K
3 37:00 Female 5K
It was terrible. It was raining incredibly hard and my socks, shoes, jacket were drenched. My glasses fogged up, thankfully I had a friend running with me, made it all the better :)
4 37:53 Female Lake Forest Park, WA 5K
5 🏆 16 41:32 Female Sewickley, PA 22° F 5K
Did on the treadmill tonight.
6 🌟 9 42:10 Female MN 5K
Ran on my treadmill and stopped at 3.14 distance for 42:10 time! Whooo! Soon will bake blackberry pie!
7 🌟 5 Verified Top Finisher
44:11 Female Olean, NY 36° F 10K
Refreshing light rain!!
8 47:31 Female Boise, ID 5K
It was awesome! New personal record!

Members (13)

 Sewickley, PA
currently doing 5k, 10k, half-marathon is one of my goals 😀
 Garden grove, CA
 olean, NY
I have an awesome son who is a CDH survivor,love playing music...
 Boise, ID
 Lake Forest Park, WA
 El Monte, CA
A runner and a Muay Thai Fitness Coach.
 Olean, NY
Hi, I have a beautiful son who is a CDH survivor:) I love runn...
 Whittier, CA
Domestic engineering, Marathon Kids Parent Coach, PTA mama try...
My life consists of eating, teaching, lifting and travel.