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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 30:18 Female San Diego, CA 65° F 5K
2 🏆 10 35:07 Female Covington, WA 55° F 5K
Run as a training run, so at a pace set by my coach. Happy to be able to do this after being flat on my back this time last year!
3 🏆 12 35:10 Female Lawrenceville, GA 5K
Treadmill 5K
4 🌟 5 39:10 Female Pomona, CA 78° F 5K
This run was great! It was pretty hot, but I'm having such a great time running with a group that I started at work. They're all faster than me and so I'm really able to push myself :) The heat got to me a bit, so our walk breaks were slow, but it was a great Pi Day 5k!!
5 55:06 Male Pomona, CA 79° F 5K
Wasn't feeling 100% so it was a power walk. :)

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