Pinkie Pie

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1 🌟 7 51:00 Female Waskom, TX 65° F 5K
I had a more precise time working and then my app froze....like a pie in a freezer!
2 51:00 Female Waskom, TX 65° F 5K
3 🌟 6 1:30:36 Female Owensboro, KY 48° F 10K
Excited! PR of 43 min on the 5k and hit my goal of 90 min for 10k!
4 1:56:32 Female Owensboro, KY 59° F 5K
Madsie will be 3 years old and this was her first 5k. We spent it walking around our local zoo looking at all the animals! :-)

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 Owensboro, KY
SAHM who walks (a lot) for the fun of it. Also because time sp...
 Waskom, TX
5th grade superstar
 Waskom, TX
Mother of 4, wife of professor, living the dream.
 Owensboro, KY
Soon to be 3!