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20:11 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
2 ⭐️ 2 25:04 Male Silsbee, TX 5K
3 26:15 Male lumberton, TX 55° F 5K
Went well helped set up an impromptu 5k with my running group and ran it barefoot.
4 ⭐️ 2 27:02 Male Beaumont, TX 58° F 5K
From HEB to the Hike and Bike and back.
5 29:50 Male Beaumont, TX 62° F 5K
Golden Triangle Strutters made this fun with pie at the end!
6 30:20 Male
Pretty good run
7 31:34 Female Port Arthur, TX 62° F 5K
GTStrutters were Golden Pie-Angle Strutters today! @solovirginia_run and I ran our Pi-Day 5K virtual run with the group! @icybubblehead organized our little race while @fdubz7 marked the 3.14 course with a start, turn around and finish to make it an official race and @gokurunner made a pie run so we'd have yummy pie for refueling afterwards 😂. So much fun doing a virtual run with the group even... See more »
8 35:54 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
Thank you Galloway method! A good race! Kind of cold at the end.
9 36:39 Female Beaumont , TX 62° F 5K
Amazing run with Golden Trianlge Strutters!
10 ⭐️ 2 40:19 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
The Golden Triangle Strutters, aka Golden Pie-Angle Strutters, hosted a community 5k at their weekly Monday Run. We ran 3.14 miles and celebrated with pie. Awards were given to overall fastest male and female participants. 17 GTStrutters registered with FitFam, but 30+ ran with the group. -- I ran with a stroller! Stroller running is so hard.
11 40:26 Female Silsbee , TX 57° F 5K
12 40:33 Male Silsbee, TX 57° F 5K

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