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 Captain: Jennifer Vaughan
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1 34:03 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
1st 5k ever and I beat both of my parent's times!
2 36:18 Female Sioux Falls, SD 69° F 5K
3 39:12 Male Sioux Falls, SD 80° F 5K
4 41:48 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
2nd 5k he's ever done! Nice job Carter!
5 43:45 Male Belleville, WI 5K
Had to run indoors on the treadmill, a little cold in Wisconsin today. A nice jog nonetheless.

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 Sioux Falls, SD
 Sioux Falls, SD
Our goal this year is to run more as a family and make healthy...
 Sioux Falls, SD
 Sioux Falls, SD
 Belleville, WI
Just an old fart trying to stay upright.