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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 Frank Pape Verified Top Finisher
18:51 Male Redmond, WA 54° F 5K
Was a bit windy and misting the entire time (welcome to Seattle) and I ran the timed 3.14 after I'd already run the course for another upcoming 5k and a bit extra (ran about 7.5 miles total -- practicing for my fifth Bloomsday Second Seed as well 😊).
2 Wayne Kuran Verified Top Finisher
43:00 Male Ocoee, FL 84° F 10K
I walked around the world at Epcot it was nice to see all what the Festivals there offered
3 Craig Halverson 19:27 Male Council Bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
4 Curtis Hartzell 20:35 Male Reno, NV 5K
5 edwin mcpeak 22:00 Male olean, NY 10K
6 Andrew West 22:12 Male MA 29° F 5K
I ran my usual 5k route around my neighborhood in the early goings of Winter Storm Stella - but running in 1 inch of snow beats running in 12 inches of it! Btw,
7 Zak Gerardi 22:14 Male Visalia, CA 68° F 5K
Did my 3.15 miles on the treadmill at Planet Fitness in Visalia, CA. It was a great run and a great way to celebrate Pi day! Now time to go eat some pie today to really celebrate!
8 Shane Walter 22:30 Male Federal Way, WA 5K
9 Chris Polanish 24:19 Male East Northport, NY 30° F 5K
Cold day, but great time!
10 Clarke Collins 24:19 Male Randolph, VT 5K
The run went well, although I ended up doing it on the treadmill even if running outside is my preference. We are supposed to get a HUGE snowstorm today, so I elected to run indoors. Still, made pretty good time.
11 Michael Marshall 24:59 Male Atlanta, GA 5K
12 Anthony Purcell 25:04 Male Stillwater, OK 37° F 5K
The run was my personal best for a 5K! It was a great morning in Dallas for a run.
13 Christian Heisner 25:04 Male Silsbee, TX 5K
14 John Sniegowski 25:17 Male Fairfax, VA 5K
15 Ben Wildeboer 25:31 Male Grayslake, IL 5K
16 Adam Mueller 25:35 Male Merrill, WI 13° F 5K
completed as part of a training run. COLD!!!!
17 Bob Telfer 25:48 Male Longmont, CO 5K
18 Logan Brubaker 25:50 Male Medina, OH 5K
19 william fermo 26:15 Male lumberton, TX 55° F 5K
Went well helped set up an impromptu 5k with my running group and ran it barefoot.
20 Mike Worner 26:46 Male West Hollywood, CA 45° F 5K
21 Kenneth hill 27:00 Male Fontana, CA 75° F 5K
I ran faster than normal for a PR. About died!
22 Anthony Mireles 27:02 Male Beaumont, TX 58° F 5K
From HEB to the Hike and Bike and back.
23 John Smyth 27:12 Male Morristown, TN 5K
Was planning to run 5K race this morning, but too much snow canceled the race. Still got my PIE in on treadmill.
24 Michael Schumacher 27:24 Male US 67° F 5K
Beautiful day, this broke my old PR by over 90 seconds! Happy pi day!
25 Larry Nobles 27:25 Male Saginaw, US 48° F 5K
Nailed it
26 Jason Liardi 27:40 Male Massapequa Park, NY 5K
Treadmill, simulating the first 5K of the NYC Half Marathon (through parts of Central Park). Hilly
27 Steven Reid 27:50 Male Boise, ID 52° F 5K
28 Michael Smith 27:51 Male Canal Winchester, OH 19° F
Funny that I got to run two pi runs on the same day! I came in 5th in my age group and 14th on the list. It was by far the coldest run I've ever been a part of. Here in Columbus Ohio, the weather changed significantly in two days. Still happy I was under 28 minutes. This years goal is to break 27 in a race.
29 Barry Fuller 28:07 Male Cortlandt Manor, NY 5K
15" of snow meant I had to run on the dreadmill.
30 Jeffrey Towle 28:23 Male Spring Hill, FL 82° F 5K
Very warm, but beautiful sunny day.
31 Joseph Scharfbillig 28:41 Male Saint Cloud, MN 5K
Due to 4" of snow, I ran this on a treadmill at the Y. I also forgot my phone, so no music. Hopefully my 5K Saturday works out better
32 Paolo Biagi 28:54 Male US 15° C 5K
Batman likes Pi!!
33 Jeff Crayton 29:30 Male Asheville, NC 5K
Freezing cold temperatures and high winds forced me to complete my run on a treadmill. This was my first race in over 6 months. I am very pleased that I could push myself to this time.
34 Eric Lynn 29:35 Male Kirkland, WA 55° F 5K
Had a blast!!! These virtual runs are fantastic and really great to help with training. Love Pi day!!
35 Eddie Trevino 29:50 Male Beaumont, TX 62° F 5K
Golden Triangle Strutters made this fun with pie at the end!
36 Paul Dillman 29:56 Male Winter Springs, FL 70° F 5K
Lunchtime run. Slower than I would have wished but fun!
37 Alex Prather 30:06 Male Alameda, CA 5K
38 Mark Aschenbrenner 30:10 Male Lake Saint Louis, MO 28° F 5K
39 john dollus 30:46 Male garland, TX 5K
3.21 mile run
40 Joe Turner 30:49 Male Boston, MA 35° F 5K
41 Anthony Serafine 30:50 Male TX 5K
42 Michael Tsiang 30:59 Male CA 5K
After a long break (I was busy, I was sick, there was a heat wave, etc.), I ran pi (3.14) miles on Pi Day for the Pi Day 5K! I ran faster than my usual pace; it was my 2nd best personal record for a 5K run! Now to find some pie...
43 Jeremy Gibbs 31:02 Male ST PETERS, MO 70° F 5K
SATURDAY I was happy with this run. Since it is snowing here today, I ran it on a treadmill at Gold's Gym. I started at a comfortable 5.5 miles/hour pace, increased that by .1 every .5 miles. After I got to 2.1 miles, I started increasing it by .2 miles/hour every .1 miles. I felt good about my time. I ran basically the same time during the Hot Chocolate 5K in December. I think if I had ... See more »
44 Johnny Sahl 31:09 Male Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
Johnny is our 3rd place finisher! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who p... See more »
45 Robert Coleman 31:28 Male Peoria, IL 25° F 5K
It was cold!
46 Michael Setchell 31:30 Male Marietta, GA 44° F 5K
47 Joseph Siemandel 31:37 Male Rainier, WA 49° F 5K
48 Kevin Marshall 32:40 Male Thousand Oaks, CA 68° F 5K
Weather really warmed up this week, had to run early to avoid the heat here in SoCal.
49 Ryan Stewart 32:41 Male Columbus, OH 5K
Went great. Last mile was a struggle but I haven't ran in few weeks so expected it being tough. But was a awesome feeling even though it was on the Dreadmill 🏃
50 Tom McManus 32:47 Male MD 5K
51 Justin Perkins 32:50 Male East Stroudsburg, PA 43° F 5K
52 Chad Scoma 32:54 Male Rochester, NY 19° F 5K
Due to Mother Nature dropping over a foot of snow in Penfield, NY and roads not cleared; ended up running on the elliptical.
53 Scott Giddings 33:00 Male VA 5K
54 Matt Brasseur 33:15 Male Northville, MI 25° F 5K
55 Jesse Bown 33:53 Male Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who plans to run before the 18th.
56 Robert Martin 33:56 Male Yorkville , IL 44° F 5K
57 Tim Gray 33:58 Male Forest Hill, MD 5K
2 miles outside, 1.14 miles on the treadmill!
58 Nolan Vaughan 34:03 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
1st 5k ever and I beat both of my parent's times!
59 Robin Forrey Jr 34:10 Male Steilacoom, WA 5K
60 JOSHUA CORCRAN 34:46 Male North Las Vegas, NV 82° F 5K
61 James Davitt 34:52 Male Kenilworth , NJ 24° F 5K
62 Don Le 35:00 Male Seattle, WA 5K
63 Adam Branham 35:00 Male Valparaiso, IN 5K
I ran outside in the cold and rain! It's Northwest Indiana so you never know what you will get out there! This was a great way to kick off my spartan training! Glad I got out there!
64 Travis Allen 35:10 Male Oak Harbor, WA 5K
65 Chad Eshelman 35:15 Male Seattle, WA 72° F 5K
66 Clinton Spell 35:41 Male Tualatin, OR 55° F 5K
67 Jarod Brubaker 35:50 Male Medina, OH 5K
68 Chrisitan Quindipan 38:14 Male Livermore, CA 5K
Got it done the day before Pi Day so I can devote Pi Day for pie!
69 Myatt Sahl 38:22 Male Galloway, NJ 32° F 5K
While Myatt missed running with his teammates, he showed guts and ran it by himself a day later. He is our youngest running club member and this was his first ever 5K! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my ... See more »
70 Patrick serafine 39:02 Male Austin, TX 70° F 5K
71 Paul Vaughan 39:12 Male Sioux Falls, SD 80° F 5K
72 Ben West 39:19 Male Newport Center, VT 5K
My mom ran at 5 am and I ran at 5 pm. Then it was pie time!!!
73 Bob Emick 39:30 Male Grand Blanc, MI 72° F 5K
74 Carl Thomas MD 39:37 Male Fairbanks, AK 5K
did the Leprechaun Race in Reno Nevada. Had great weather and a wonderful time.
75 Justin Charles 40:23 Male Mundelein, IL 25° F 5K
Illinois Science Council's Pi Day Pi K in Lincoln Square, Chicago.
76 Bill Spears 40:33 Male Silsbee, TX 57° F 5K
77 Ethan Koran 40:52 Male Cincinnati, OH 38° F 5K
My run went well. I ran in my neighborhood.
78 Zachy Prather 41:04 Male Alameda, CA 5K
79 Phil Prather 41:05 Male Alameda, CA 5K
80 Ryken Garren 41:30 Male Webb City, MO 60° F 5K
81 Carter Vaughan 41:48 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
2nd 5k he's ever done! Nice job Carter!
82 Chris Maresco 42:15 Male Akron, OH 5K
It was actually a really good run, I didn't have the chance to train much prior to today so I jogged at a slower pace and felt great at the end! No impromptu blizzard is gonna stop the Wifey and I from getting that 3.1 in!
83 Aidan Fierbaugh 42:29 Male Fort Myers, FL 5K
84 Barry Froisland 43:00 Male San Marcos, CA 74° F 5K
What a great morning for the run, sunny, cool, and just fun!
85 Len Leonidas 43:13 Male Castleton, NY 10K
Ran on the treadmill because outdoor temps today too cold; I suppose fitting for a virtual race. Happy Pi day!
86 Jeff Garmon 43:23 Male TX 53° F 5K
Difficult! First time to run in over a year!!😰
87 Tom Vaughan 43:45 Male Belleville, WI 5K
Had to run indoors on the treadmill, a little cold in Wisconsin today. A nice jog nonetheless.
88 Gerald Nyland 43:54 Male Silverdale, WA 5K
89 Craig Halverson Jr 44:15 Male Council Bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
90 Tom McDonough 44:25 Male Punta Gorda, FL 67° F 5K
91 Andy Breisch 44:44 Male Denver, PA 23° F 5K
Cold; wind chill was 15 which was better than the 8 it was at 7am. Started snowing during the last mile which was the main reason I'm not running on Tuesday.
92 Trey Kell 45:00 Male Houston, TX 68° F 5K
Was great did the loop around Rice with family. Lots of things up for shirts.
93 Bruce Borchardt 45:04 Male Maple City, MI 77° F 5K
Along the Sanibel bike paths; weather is gorgeous here!
94 John Heeb 45:13 Male US 5K
Walked 4 miles, so this is extrapolated based on distance and pace.
95 David Kilian 45:49 Male Vancouver, WA 5K
Knee started hurting so I slowed family up, but, we did it!
96 Gregory Kilian 45:49 Male Vancouver, WA 5K
He had a great time trying to get dad to run more! However, like to run as a family, so, defitnely a slower pace than we would have had if dad had own time!
97 Eric Jouret 46:49 Male Alamogordo, NM 60° F 5K
98 Noah LeMaster 47:10 Male TX 61° F 5K
99 TJ McKay 48:15 Male Fayetteville, NC 55° F 5K
100 Jesus Delgado 48:37 Male Wyoming, MI 5K
101 Joshua Schurtz 48:39 Male Manvel, TX 5K
102 Richard Gehrig 50:06 Male Hamilton, NJ 29° F 10K
We are in the middle of a big snow storm on the east coast so unfortunately I had to do my run on the treadmill, but it was fun :)
103 Adrien Ong 50:47 Male Albany, NY 10K
104 Patrick Freeman 51:01 Male Claremont, CA 86° F 5K
We loved it! It was hot, but we both had a great time and enjoyed our pie at the end at our local pie shop, I Like Pie.
105 Kevin Morimoto 51:11 Male Renton, WA 5K
Nice Hilly run for pie!
106 Carter Newbern 51:55 Male Simi Valley, CA 72° F 5K
107 Mitch Smith 52:00 Male Mechanicsburg, PA 5K
108 Michael Donawho 53:09 Male Terrell , TX 77° F 5K
We went to Ben Gill Park in Terrell, TX right after work on 3-17-17. Was a great walk and we enjoyed a mini pecan pie after :)
109 john fish 53:27 Male Longwood, FL 5K
110 Maximo Torres 53:40 Male Irvine, CA 70° F 5K
111 Lucas Torres 53:40 Male Irvine, CA 70° F 5K
112 Justin McCarthy 54:55 Male Rockaway Park, NY 49° F 5K
113 John Michals 55:04 Male US 42° F 5K
I did 3.14 miles
114 Jonathan Diaz 55:06 Male Pomona, CA 79° F 5K
Wasn't feeling 100% so it was a power walk. :)
115 Richard Solis 55:08 Male US 5K
116 Adrian Chong 55:55 Male Stockton, CA 5K
Shamrock N' Half, Sacramento, CA on 3/11/2017.
117 Doug Schurtz 56:38 Male Manvel, TX 5K
118 Steven Perry 57:00 Male Richland, WA 45° F 10K
This was my last run before I go for 100 miles
119 Scott Spears 57:00 Male US 5K
120 Don Dornan 58:23 Male El Cajon, CA 5K
121 Scott Manor 59:00 Male New Albany, OH 45° F 5K
122 L Maurer 1:00:00 Male US 20° F 5K
123 Joseph DeVita III 1:00:00 Male Hallandale Beach, FL 5K
124 Hunter Hodson 1:00:00 Male US 5K
Can we have pie now?
125 Triston Hodson 1:00:00 Male US 5K
Awesome like me!
126 Darrell Courtley 1:00:15 Male Randolph, NJ 34° F 5K
A nice walk, done today since over a foot of snow is forecast for tomorrow. Eskimo Pi.
127 Steve Abbott 1:00:29 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
128 Cody Stetler 1:00:37 Male Hampton, VA 67° F 10K
Haven't run a 5K in over a year, so a 10K was pretty rough. Had a great time running along the American River in Sacramento, CA, though!
129 Roderick Macleod 1:00:38 Male Overland Park, KS
130 Josebelo Chong 1:00:42 Male Stockton, CA 10K
Shamrock N' Half, Sacramento, CA on 3/11/2017
131 Ryan Southern 1:01:09 Male Marietta, GA 5K
132 Tim Cook 1:02:00 Male Washington Twp, NJ 45° F 10K
Much needed run to clear the mind before a long week at work. Went further than the 10K I was feeling so good.
133 Joshua McHaffey 1:02:06 Male Kingsland, GA 5K
134 Rich Thompson 1:04:26 Male Dayton, OH 34° F 10K
135 Michael Bergantzel 1:04:34 Male Albany, OR 53° F 5K
136 Aidan Liardi 1:06:53 Male NY 5K
First run/walk on treadmill ever! First time doing 3.14 miles! First time going more than 1 mile! (Too cold to go outside!)
137 Owyn Goll 1:10:00 Male Westminster, CO 5K
1 mile with Mia and 2 miles with Momma
138 Hunter Goll 1:10:00 Male Westminster, CO 5K
1 mile with Mia and 2 miles with Momma
139 Nick Polanin 1:10:15 Male Rahway, NJ 10K
Elliptical inside while Stella makes a mess of Pi Day outside.
140 Daniel Horne 1:12:00 Male Chesapeake, VA 5K
In the local mall, dodging the folks walking 3 or 4 abreast.
141 Braden Yocklin 1:13:00 Male Apache Junction, AZ 5K
142 John Butterfield 1:13:58 Male Harvest, AL 39° F 10K
Fighting jet lag and a ripping head cold but got my run in...Whoo Hoo!
143 Carter Plasek 1:15:00 Male Parkers Prairie, MN 5° F 5K
144 Juan Trinidad Jr 1:15:00 Male US 5K
145 David Sarton 1:18:57 Male Hattiesburg, MS 10K
It was cold. It was cloudy. It is done, nonetheless.
146 Jeremy Whiteman 1:20:10 Male San Bruno, CA 5K
147 Matthew O'Brien 1:25:10 Male Champaign, IL 26° F 5K
A slow and cold trail hike in the woods for this family!
148 Philip Robeniol 1:30:24 Male Whittier, CA 10K
149 Brian Graham 1:52:20 Male Greensboro, NC 62° F 10K
My walk was awesome. I walked inside our local mall as it was a windy day and snow was heading our way. I wanted to get my 5K in, but found the walking to be so wonderful, I went the extra 5K+.
150 Alan Grantham 1:56:00 Male Columbus, OH 10K
Treadmill in LA Fitness
151 Jorge Cino 2:00:00 Male Brisbane, US 60° F 10K
152 Darrell Hoffman 2:34:00 Male Renton, WA 10K
The walk was great. I figured out a 10 K route within "walking" distance from home and took off for a Sunday stroll. Total time of 2 Hrs and 34 Minutes. A good start to getting fit. :-)