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Rank Runner Finish Time Gender Location Temperature Activity
1 🌟 9 Verified Top Finisher
18:51 Male Redmond, WA 54° F 5K
Was a bit windy and misting the entire time (welcome to Seattle) and I ran the timed 3.14 after I'd already run the course for another upcoming 5k and a bit extra (ran about 7.5 miles total -- practicing for my fifth Bloomsday Second Seed as well 😊).
2 Verified Top Finisher
20:11 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
3 Verified Top Finisher
43:00 Male Ocoee, FL 84° F 10K
I walked around the world at Epcot it was nice to see all what the Festivals there offered
4 🌟 5 Verified Top Finisher
44:11 Female Olean, NY 36° F 10K
Refreshing light rain!!
5 🌟 8 9:27 Female Jacksonville, FL 5K
6 πŸ† 10 19:27 Male Council Bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
7 🌟 5 20:35 Male Reno, NV 5K
8 🌟 7 22:00 Male olean, NY 10K
9 22:12 Male MA 29° F 5K
I ran my usual 5k route around my neighborhood in the early goings of Winter Storm Stella - but running in 1 inch of snow beats running in 12 inches of it! Btw,
10 22:14 Male Visalia, CA 68° F 5K
Did my 3.15 miles on the treadmill at Planet Fitness in Visalia, CA. It was a great run and a great way to celebrate Pi day! Now time to go eat some pie today to really celebrate!
11 22:18 Female Decatur, IL 24° F 5K
Cold. My phone died right as I finished. And it is my birthday!!! Woot woot!
12 🌟 7 22:30 Male Federal Way, WA 5K
13 22:31 Male 52° F 5K
14 23:21 Female Jericho, VT 7° F 5K
15 23:47 Female Grand Rapids , MN 29° F 5K
A beautiful sunny run on my childhood road :) The half mile of pure ice in the middle made it a little interesting ha!
16 ⭐️ 4 24:19 Male East Northport, NY 30° F 5K
Cold day, but great time!
17 24:19 Male Randolph, VT 5K
The run went well, although I ended up doing it on the treadmill even if running outside is my preference. We are supposed to get a HUGE snowstorm today, so I elected to run indoors. Still, made pretty good time.
18 🌟 8 24:31 Female Fredericksburg, VA 36° F 5K
Congratulations Pearl Esquibel you finished the Runway Runaway 5km on March 19, 2017 with a chip time of 00:24:31. Your pace per mile was 7:53. You placed 43 of 288 runners, 10 of 147 Female runners and 1 of 22 in the Women's 50-59 division. Weather on Race day was 36 degrees, cloudy, 10 mph winds.
19 24:40 Female US 21° F 5K
It was COLD and a bit windy. I slipped on the ice a few times but had some laughs with my team talking about warmer weather.
20 🌟 8 24:43 Female Reno, NV 5K
21 24:59 Male Atlanta, GA 5K
22 25:04 Male Stillwater, OK 37° F 5K
The run was my personal best for a 5K! It was a great morning in Dallas for a run.
23 ⭐️ 2 25:04 Male Silsbee, TX 5K
24 25:17 Male Fairfax, VA 5K
25 25:30 Female WI 5K
26 25:31 Male Grayslake, IL 5K
27 ⭐️ 2 25:35 Male Merrill, WI 13° F 5K
completed as part of a training run. COLD!!!!
28 25:48 Male Longmont, CO 5K
29 25:50 Male Medina, OH 5K
30 26:02 Female US 41° F 5K
Since I ran a Ο€-miler rather than a 5k, my 5k time would be a few seconds shorter than the time I'm submitting.
31 ⭐️ 3 26:11 Female CT 5K
Ran through my neighborhood and to the softball field
32 26:15 Male lumberton, TX 55° F 5K
Went well helped set up an impromptu 5k with my running group and ran it barefoot.
33 26:22 Female heppner, OR 50° F 5K
34 26:46 Male West Hollywood, CA 45° F 5K
35 27:00 Female Irvine , CA 56° F 5K
A personal record for me! Supposed to be a lovely day and it was daylight savings time so even earlier than the norm!
36 ⭐️ 2 27:00 Male Fontana, CA 75° F 5K
I ran faster than normal for a PR. About died!
37 ⭐️ 2 27:02 Male Beaumont, TX 58° F 5K
From HEB to the Hike and Bike and back.
38 27:11 Female Sacramento, CA 5K
39 27:12 Male Morristown, TN 5K
Was planning to run 5K race this morning, but too much snow canceled the race. Still got my PIE in on treadmill.
40 27:18 Female San Francisco, CA 5K
41 27:21 Female Cave Creek, AZ 5K
42 27:24 Male US 67° F 5K
Beautiful day, this broke my old PR by over 90 seconds! Happy pi day!
43 27:25 Male Saginaw, US 48° F 5K
Nailed it
44 ⭐️ 2 27:31 Female Panama city, FL 59° F 5K
the family walked around the neighborhood with me,the dog was even included.
45 🌟 7 27:40 Female Placerville, CA 5K
A race within a race! Penny the pup ran too! A beautiful day!
46 ⭐️ 3 27:40 Male Massapequa Park, NY 5K
Treadmill, simulating the first 5K of the NYC Half Marathon (through parts of Central Park). Hilly
47 🌟 5 27:50 Male Boise, ID 52° F 5K
48 ⭐️ 2 27:51 Male Canal Winchester, OH 19° F
Funny that I got to run two pi runs on the same day! I came in 5th in my age group and 14th on the list. It was by far the coldest run I've ever been a part of. Here in Columbus Ohio, the weather changed significantly in two days. Still happy I was under 28 minutes. This years goal is to break 27 in a race.
49 ⭐️ 2 27:52 Female Northville, MI 5K
50 27:56 Female Phoenix, AZ 72° F 5K
51 27:57 Female PASCO, WA 63° F 5K
52 27:58 Female West Allis, WI
53 27:59 Female Burke, VA 5K
54 28:07 Female CO 75° F 5K
Personal PR!
55 28:07 Female New Ulm, MN 27° F 5K
56 28:07 Male Cortlandt Manor, NY 5K
15" of snow meant I had to run on the dreadmill.
57 🌟 7 28:18 Female Hays, KS 5K
58 28:23 Male Spring Hill, FL 82° F 5K
Very warm, but beautiful sunny day.
59 28:23 Female Norfolk, VA 46° F 5K
60 28:28 Female 5K
We did a Pi shaped run and celebrated with pie afterwards!
61 🌟 7 28:29 Female Federal Way, WA 5K
62 ⭐️ 3 28:40 Female South Bend, IN 5K
63 28:41 Male Saint Cloud, MN 5K
Due to 4" of snow, I ran this on a treadmill at the Y. I also forgot my phone, so no music. Hopefully my 5K Saturday works out better
64 28:47 Female Orlando, FL 67° F 5K
Team Shorty Shorts met at one of our houses, and we ran a nice loop that was a perfect 5K. Everyone brought some pie and we feasted and laughed afterward. It was a lot of fun running with old and new friends, and even though not going for or getting a PR, it was one of my best runs because of the friends.
65 28:54 Male US 15° C 5K
Batman likes Pi!!
66 29:01 Female West Palm Beach, FL 72° F 5K
67 πŸ† 10 29:07 Female Enumclaw, WA 5K
A great run in between Seattle rain showers!
68 πŸ† 17 29:12 Female Heber Springs, AR 34° F 5K
Brisk run in the snow and sun. You never know what the weather will be in Arkansas.
69 29:14 Female US 26° F 5K
Insanely cold but so fun!
70 🌟 9 29:16 Female Woodbridge, VA 5K
After dealing with some nagging injuries, I decided to do the 5K. Really wanted to go outside to do this one, but Mother Nature decided she was not done with winter in Northern VA, and it was just below 30 when I was ready to run. Hopped on my trusty treadmill for this one. I started with a 6 minute warm up (.49 miles) Then upped the pace for the 5K- 29:16 (under my 30 minute personal goa... See more »
71 29:16 Female US 5K
72 ⭐️ 2 29:19 Male 63° F 5K
73 🌟 6 29:20 Female Oswego, IL 43° F 5K
My run was great! I ran along the river in Geneva, IL, then I took a detour to St. Charles, IL to get pictures with a pi statue!!! Finally, I stopped to try a gluten-free bakery on the way home and got a sour cherry pie square. =)
74 29:25 Female Jackson, TN 5K
75 29:26 Female Huntingdon Valley, PA 70° F 5K
76 29:26 Female US 5K
77 29:30 Male Asheville, NC 5K
Freezing cold temperatures and high winds forced me to complete my run on a treadmill. This was my first race in over 6 months. I am very pleased that I could push myself to this time.
78 ⭐️ 4 29:30 Female Little Rock, AR 5K
It's far too cold and windy to run outside, so this time I hit the treadmill. Achy joints added to my usual time, but overall not too bad.
79 29:30 Female Madison, AL 32° F 5K
80 29:34 Female US 27° F 5K
81 πŸ† 13 29:35 Male Kirkland, WA 55° F 5K
Had a blast!!! These virtual runs are fantastic and really great to help with training. Love Pi day!!
82 🌟 7 29:35 Female Forest Lake, MN 12° F 5K
Shaking our Shamrocks and our PI too with the bestie Joyce Boelter. It was a chilly morning but the running was good, PR for both of us!
83 ⭐️ 2 29:35 Female Tucson, AZ 73° F 5K
84 ⭐️ 4 29:37 Female Sprinfield, VA 5K
85 29:39 Female 62° F 5K
86 ⭐️ 2 29:45 Female Fort Worth, TX 5K
87 29:47 Female White Plains, KY 58° F 5K
It was a good run. I have been sick, so being able to get up and run a 5K was amazing today
88 29:49 Female CA 57° F 5K
Ran at 5 am with my dog. Perfect weather!
89 29:50 Male Beaumont, TX 62° F 5K
Golden Triangle Strutters made this fun with pie at the end!
90 29:55 Male 81° F 5K
91 29:55 Female Sioux Falls, SD 5K
92 29:56 Male Winter Springs, FL 70° F 5K
Lunchtime run. Slower than I would have wished but fun!
93 30:00 Female VA 5K
Did a two mile warm up! Great day for a run!
94 30:00 Female Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
Sarah is our 1st place finisher! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who pl... See more »
95 30:02 Female US 22° F 5K
Had a great day completing my pi day 5k! Little cold at times, but so worth it. :)
96 ⭐️ 2 30:03 Female San Angelo, TX 55° F 5K
Great day for a run! I had a helper - my son rode his bike (spring break here) but he tired out part way through. The wind blew us all over. New PR for me! Love these runs - thanks FitFam!
97 30:05 Female Fort Walton Beach, FL 50° F 5K
I ran at a local park, and I saw a lot of dogs that I couldn't pet and it was sad! However, I was able to finish under my other times! It was really cold and my fingers almost went numb but I eventually warmed up. Thank you for offering this run!
98 30:06 Male Alameda, CA 5K
99 ⭐️ 2 30:10 Male Lake Saint Louis, MO 28° F 5K
100 30:18 Female San Diego, CA 65° F 5K
101 30:20 Male
Pretty good run
102 πŸ† 16 30:26 Female Miami, FL 78° F 5K
SO close to my wish for a sub 30 5K. I pushed it by myself, Team InsPIre let me down., but I am still out there moving the mission.
103 30:28 Female Columbia, MO 68° F 5K
I ran inside on a treadmill, because the outside temperature dropped to 30 Β°F this weekend. :( I nearly met my goal of not walking - I had 3 100-m stretches of recovery, but this was by far a personal best, and my first official 5K!
104 30:31 Female Alameda, CA 68° F 5K
Steady pace of running around path with friends.
105 30:32 Female Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
Sabrine was our 2nd place finisher! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who... See more »
106 30:35 Female Shelby, NC 36° F 5K
i had to complete my run 2 days early because of a 12 hour shift and very cold weather coming up....
107 30:35 Female US 36° F 5K
It was snowing. It was cold. It was fun!
108 30:39 Female 5K
109 30:41 Female Knoxville, TN 28° F 5K
It was approximately 32-pi degrees outside! (That's cold for Tennessee!)
110 30:42 Female US 59° F 5K
111 ⭐️ 2 30:44 Female Pittsburgh, PA 5K
Ran it on the treadmill this year before starting work.
112 30:46 Male garland, TX 5K
3.21 mile run
113 ⭐️ 3 30:48 Female Kalkar, HI 5K
Morning run with friends in the hot Hawaiian sun!
114 ⭐️ 2 30:49 Male Boston, MA 35° F 5K
115 ⭐️ 3 30:50 Male TX 5K
116 30:53 Female US 5K
117 30:55 Female 43° F 5K
3.14 miles on a sunny day, the snow had finally receded enough to make road running relatively safe!
118 30:59 Male CA 5K
After a long break (I was busy, I was sick, there was a heat wave, etc.), I ran pi (3.14) miles on Pi Day for the Pi Day 5K! I ran faster than my usual pace; it was my 2nd best personal record for a 5K run! Now to find some pie...
119 31:02 Male ST PETERS, MO 70° F 5K
SATURDAY I was happy with this run. Since it is snowing here today, I ran it on a treadmill at Gold's Gym. I started at a comfortable 5.5 miles/hour pace, increased that by .1 every .5 miles. After I got to 2.1 miles, I started increasing it by .2 miles/hour every .1 miles. I felt good about my time. I ran basically the same time during the Hot Chocolate 5K in December. I think if I had ... See more »
120 31:09 Male Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
Johnny is our 3rd place finisher! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who p... See more »
121 31:13 Female PA 18° F 5K
It was a bitter cold run. It was 18 degrees out and the wind was crazy, especially the last 3/4 mile. First time I ran in a while. So my time I'll take and all.
122 31:15 Female Oak Lawn, IL 29° F 5K
Mother Nature hit my neck of the woods with a lovely snowstorm... It really started coming down, just as i was about to finish. Definitely makes my Pi 5k, a memorable one πŸŒ¨β„οΈπŸ‘Ÿ
123 ⭐️ 2 31:15 Female Tucson, AZ 5K
124 31:16 Female US 5K
125 31:28 Male Peoria, IL 25° F 5K
It was cold!
126 ⭐️ 4 31:28 Female Mesa, WA 55° F 5K
I ran my regular route but it was after work and in the Rain with approx 10mph wind. Notherwise great, but done on Pi Day!
127 31:30 Male Marietta, GA 44° F 5K
128 31:31 Female Noblesville, IN 25° F 5K
It was cold!
129 πŸ† 25 31:32 Female Fulshear, TX 69° F 5K
Perfect weather, felt pretty good! Great outing with the whole fam. 😊
130 31:34 Female Port Arthur, TX 62° F 5K
GTStrutters were Golden Pie-Angle Strutters today! @solovirginia_run and I ran our Pi-Day 5K virtual run with the group! @icybubblehead organized our little race while @fdubz7 marked the 3.14 course with a start, turn around and finish to make it an official race and @gokurunner made a pie run so we'd have yummy pie for refueling afterwards πŸ˜‚. So much fun doing a virtual run with the group even... See more »
131 31:35 Female Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
Samia is our 2nd place finisher! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who pl... See more »
132 31:37 Male Rainier, WA 49° F 5K
133 31:37 Female Rainier, WA 49° F 5K
It was a great first 1.5 miles....then made the turn and fought a crazy head wind! Ran in between rain and wind storms!! Thanks Pacific Northwest for your crazy weather!! LoL!
134 ⭐️ 2 31:39 Female Kansas City, MO 74° F 5K
Our first virtual race. We really enjoyed it!
135 31:42 Female Medina , OH 5K
6 inches of snow outside! Had to hit the treadmill. Ran 3.14 miles in 31.42 minutes! Felt great. Now, time for pie!
136 ⭐️ 2 31:46 Female NJ 39° F 5K
A little slower than usual, but not too bad.
137 31:54 Female US 5K
138 🌟 7 32:00 Female NY 31° F 5K
cold and windy
139 🌟 5 32:00 Female Sykesville, MD 5K
140 ⭐️ 2 32:00 Female NY 5K
141 32:00 Female US 10° F 5K
The treadmill is the best way to complete this run in Vermont at 4:30am!
142 32:00 Female Marietta , GA 44° F 5K
143 32:02 Female MD 5K
144 ⭐️ 2 32:05 Female Lakewood, WA 44° F 5K
I was going to try and find a round course to run, but then I remembered, pi are squared, so a route with some corners should be fine. Distance: 3.14mi, time: 32:05, pace: 10:13min/mi, speed: 5.87mi/h.
145 32:05 Female MA 37° F 5K
Brisk day for a 5K here off the coast of Massachusetts, but at least it isn't snowing!
146 ⭐️ 4 32:08 Female Stevenson Ranch , CA 84° F 5K
147 32:10 Female 51° F 5K
Awesome trail run with my four legged running partner.
148 ⭐️ 2 32:12 Female FL 79° F 5K
149 32:14 Female OH 20° F 5K
Ran with my mom and beat her!
150 32:14 Female MO 5K
151 32:15 Female US 5K
First run since foot surg in January, felt amazing to get back out there even if I'm a little slower than normal.
152 32:15 Female US 72° F 5K
153 ⭐️ 3 32:33 Female Warminster, PA 5K
A run on the treadmill due to the blizzard, but done while my very first pie was baking!!
154 ⭐️ 2 32:37 Female goldsboro, NC 68° F 5K
155 🌟 8 32:37 Female Scottsdale, AZ 5K
156 32:40 Male Thousand Oaks, CA 68° F 5K
Weather really warmed up this week, had to run early to avoid the heat here in SoCal.
157 ⭐️ 3 32:41 Male Columbus, OH 5K
Went great. Last mile was a struggle but I haven't ran in few weeks so expected it being tough. But was a awesome feeling even though it was on the Dreadmill πŸƒ
158 32:47 Male MD 5K
159 32:50 Female NY 5K
Run on a treadmill as Pi Day we were hit with 18" of snow!
160 32:50 Female US 45° F 5K
161 32:50 Female San Carlos, CA 68° F 5K
162 32:50 Female East Stroudsburg, PA 43° F 5K
163 32:50 Male East Stroudsburg, PA 43° F 5K
164 ⭐️ 2 32:54 Male Rochester, NY 19° F 5K
Due to Mother Nature dropping over a foot of snow in Penfield, NY and roads not cleared; ended up running on the elliptical.
165 ⭐️ 2 32:56 Female Akron, OH 5K
3.16 miles. Average of 10'24" per mile.
166 32:56 Female US 48° F 5K
Awesome run with Lauren and Carrie at the crack of dawn!
167 32:56 Female US 31° F 5K
Temperature dropping and it was mighty windy! I changed from running the 10K to the 5K. Run was actually a bit longer but I stopped MapMyRun at 3.1. I finished the run in snow flurries! It was lovely....
168 32:58 Female Longmont, CO 5K
169 🌟 7 33:00 Female London, ON 0° C 5K
Today was the perfect day for my Pi Day 5K, the sun was out and the temperature was 0.
170 33:00 Female Springfield , VA 5K
171 33:00 Male VA 5K
172 33:00 Male 5K
173 πŸ† 15 33:03 Female Canton, OH 5K
174 🌟 5 33:07 Female East Peoria, IL 5K
175 33:10 Female Grand Rapids, MI 18° F 5K
It was cold! But it was my best time yet! I ran at a park near my house. :- D
176 33:12 Female US 48° F 5K
177 ⭐️ 2 33:15 Male Northville, MI 25° F 5K
178 ⭐️ 4 33:25 Female Waterville, WA 50° F 5K
Ran on the Apple Capitol Loop Trail in Wenatchee Washington. Great day for a run, tried to avoid the rain forcasted for tomorrow.
179 33:26 Female US 53° F 5K
Chilly, windy, and hilly, but felt great! Did a 3.14 in honor of the day.
180 ⭐️ 2 33:32 Female US 5K
181 33:34 Female 5K
182 33:53 Male Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who plans to run before the 18th.
183 33:55 Female US 5K
Total 8 miles in 1:35:19
184 33:56 Male Yorkville , IL 44° F 5K
185 ⭐️ 3 33:58 Male Forest Hill, MD 5K
2 miles outside, 1.14 miles on the treadmill!
186 ⭐️ 3 34:00 Female Bronx, NY 18° F 5K
187 34:03 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
1st 5k ever and I beat both of my parent's times!
188 34:06 Female Galloway Township, NJ 29° F 5K
The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my Greenheads! We had one injured adult, one sick adult, one adult who managed to do 9 out of the 13 required laps, and one sick child who plans to run before the 18th.
189 34:09 Female Stow, OH 51° F 5K
190 34:10 Male Steilacoom, WA 5K
191 🌟 8 34:20 Female North Vancouver, BC 5K
Lots of hills and last 50 meters were stairs! I was hoping to hit 5k at 31.40 but those darn stairs wrecked my time :)
192 🌟 7 34:23 Female San Marcos, CA 5K
193 34:25 Female Miami, FL 5K
194 34:31 Female 70° F 5K
I did better the second time through. I still dislike running on treadmills. It beat 14 degrees and snow.
195 34:32 Female SC 55° F 5K
196 34:43 Female Nolensville, TN 5K
197 34:43 Female 73° F 5K
It was awesome! I planned to PR and made it with 18 seconds to spare!
198 34:45 Female Underwood, IA 81° F 10K
Been fighting a sinus infection all week. Dropped the 10k to a 5k and still ran significantly slower than usual. Ah wel. Better luck next race. :)
199 34:46 Male North Las Vegas, NV 82° F 5K
200 34:47 Female IL 29° F 5K
Beautiful day for a run! Got my Pi Day 5k done!!
201 34:47 Female 27° F 5K
202 ⭐️ 3 34:49 Female Niskayuna, NY 5K
Ran 2 minutes and jogged 1 min for the Pi 5k. So proud of my results!
203 🌟 8 34:52 Male Kenilworth , NJ 24° F 5K
204 34:52 Female Philadelphia, PA 38° F 5K
It was a chilly run, but felt great to get out there! We're expecting about a foot of snow tonight into tomorrow, so I was glad to be able to get in my 5K today! Turned in one of my best times ever!
205 34:52 Female Garden grove, CA 5K
206 ⭐️ 2 34:55 Female loveland, OH 30° F 5K
Ran on the local bike trail--nice and flat but it was really cold.
207 ⭐️ 4 34:56 Female San Jose, CA 5K
208 34:57 Female OH 20° F 5K
We ran thru snow and ice and below freezing temps but loved it.
209 34:59 Female US 5K
210 πŸ† 25 35:00 Male Seattle, WA 5K
211 35:00 Male Valparaiso, IN 5K
I ran outside in the cold and rain! It's Northwest Indiana so you never know what you will get out there! This was a great way to kick off my spartan training! Glad I got out there!
212 πŸ† 10 35:07 Female Covington, WA 55° F 5K
Run as a training run, so at a pace set by my coach. Happy to be able to do this after being flat on my back this time last year!
213 ⭐️ 2 35:08 Female US 46° F 5K
214 πŸ† 12 35:10 Female Lawrenceville, GA 5K
Treadmill 5K
215 35:10 Male Oak Harbor, WA 5K
216 ⭐️ 3 35:15 Male Seattle, WA 72° F 5K
217 ⭐️ 2 35:15 Female AB -17° C 5K
My best time ever!!!! Yahooooo!
218 35:19 Female East Rochester , NY 5K
I am due for a left knee replacement so running is a no go for me. It's also freezing here in Rochester NY 19 degrees, so I did my 5K at the gym on the Precor AMT. it's just like running with no bad knee impact.
219 35:21 Female MD 40° F 5K
It wasn't too bad. Got the run in before the snow storm.
220 35:36 Female San Francisco, CA 54° F 5K
221 35:38 Female US 38° F 5K
222 35:39 Female SC 51° F 5K
223 35:41 Female Portland, OR 55° F 5K
Celebrated our two year wedding anniversary on pi day 3/14/15 with a pi day run!
224 35:41 Male Tualatin, OR 55° F 5K
225 πŸ† 13 35:43 Female Henderson, NV 81° F 5K
Took it nice and easy. Was down all last week with the flu. This felt better than I expected.
226 35:45 Female Arlington, VA 5K
I did it on the treadmill, but I shaved 40 seconds off my last run!
227 35:47 Female Medina, OH 5K
Go Team Diameter Dominators!
228 ⭐️ 2 35:50 Female Gold Canyon, AZ 5K
229 35:50 Male Medina, OH 5K
230 ⭐️ 4 35:54 Female Rochester, NY 4° F 5K
Posting photo and results dashboard to Facebook group! Pi Day run during the storm of the season!!! ❄️❄️❄️
231 35:54 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
Thank you Galloway method! A good race! Kind of cold at the end.
232 36:00 Female US 5K
233 ⭐️ 2 36:09 Female VA 37° F 5K
Great run, for a non-runner! I need things like this to keep me motivated to keep running! Now, where's that celebratory pie?
234 36:18 Female Sioux Falls, SD 69° F 5K
235 36:20 Female Woodland, CA 77° F 5K
First virtual race. Ran it with my daughter via FaceTime. Off to finish Pi Day with a piece of Pie :)
236 ⭐️ 3 36:27 Female Redondo Beach , CA 54° F 5K
My time for this run was a PR for me.
237 36:38 Female US 5K
238 36:39 Female Beaumont , TX 62° F 5K
Amazing run with Golden Trianlge Strutters!
239 36:41 Female Valparaiso , IN 5K
My run great! I was on a treadmill since it is cold here in northwest Indiana!
240 36:48 Female Renton, WA 5K
Ran on a treadmill...hit a PR!
241 36:50 Female Nogales, AZ 5K
242 πŸ† 10 36:51 Female Williamsburg , VA 5K
243 ⭐️ 3 36:55 Female Texas City, TX 55° F 5K
My tracking app won't let me post results (Nike run+)
244 36:56 Female US 40° F 5K
Chilly with light winds. Several hills, but ran with friends which makes all those hills tolerable. Actually ran 2+pi miles =5.14 The last 3.14 are what I counted for my time.
245 36:57 Female Indianapolis, US 5K
I ran on my treadmill due to the weather and I had a personal best since graduating from high school! Happy 23rd Birthday to me!!!
246 37:00 Female 5K
It was terrible. It was raining incredibly hard and my socks, shoes, jacket were drenched. My glasses fogged up, thankfully I had a friend running with me, made it all the better :)
247 🌟 5 37:04 Female US 5K
248 ⭐️ 2 37:11 Female Chilliwack, BC 5° C 5K
Torrential rain! Still haven't dried out/warmed up, but I did it!
249 37:20 Male 5K
On 3/14 I was called to a dwelling fire at 01:59, returned home at 08:30, cleared snow from my driveway and walk (3000 sq. ft.), then did it again later that day. Logged 32,000 steps, 17 miles and 80 flights of stairs on my FitBit. This qualifies as much more than a 5K.
250 🌟 9 37:23 Female Pearl City, HI 5K
251 37:25 Female HI 86° F 5K
The 3.14 was the run part of my normal 6.5 run/walk!
252 🌟 7 37:33 Female Santa Barbara, CA 5K
253 ⭐️ 2 37:34 Female Metz, WV 5K
254 πŸ† 10 37:42 Female Okinawa, , JP 70° F 5K
It was a beautiful sunny day for a Pi day 5k on the seawall in Okinawa Japan!
255 37:53 Female Lake Forest Park, WA 5K
256 🌟 5 37:57 Female Valparaiso , IN 5K
This was my first ever 5k. I did it on a Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer because it is cold and snowy where I live.
257 37:58 Female US 32° F 5K
I walked in honor of my big brother, who was an avid runner and pi day baby. He was with me in spirit for my first 5k!
258 38:00 Female US 5K
I just finished amid technical difficulties. I was running/walking on my treadmill and at about 2.9 miles I was going to run to the end. This was at the 36 minute mark. I shifted my nook on the console and that little movement pulled the emergency stop cord and I lost my data. So, I'm guessing 38:00 for my time. I'm not worried about a time-based award. I'm just glad that I did it.
259 38:09 Female Norfolk, VA 5K
260 ⭐️ 2 38:11 Female Hamilton, NJ 5K
261 ⭐️ 2 38:14 Male Livermore, CA 5K
Got it done the day before Pi Day so I can devote Pi Day for pie!
262 38:17 Female Gahanna, OH 5K
263 ⭐️ 2 38:22 Female Port Orange, FL 58° F 5K
264 38:22 Male Galloway, NJ 32° F 5K
While Myatt missed running with his teammates, he showed guts and ran it by himself a day later. He is our youngest running club member and this was his first ever 5K! The Greenheads Running Group, part of our swim team, got together to run our Pi Day 5K in 29 degree weather with 20 - 30 MPH wind gusts. Our kids did fantastic with ALL of the finishing in under 40 minutes! I'm so proud of my ... See more »
265 38:25 Female US 5K
Not bad for someone who hasn't done a 5k, let alone run, in a very long time!
266 πŸ† 16 38:31 Female Renton, WA 5K
Awesome run with my pup! We Pr'd
267 ⭐️ 2 38:33 Female San Diego, CA 75° F 5K
268 ⭐️ 3 38:38 Female Cedar Springs, MI 36° F 5K
It was a cold rainy morning. Several thousand people. Felt good and finished in the time frame I was hoping to.
269 ⭐️ 3 38:43 Female FL 75° F 5K
Treadmill run, raining outside.
270 38:45 Female Columbia, SC 5K
March for Meals 5k
271 38:52 Female TN 48° F 5K
My mom and I used it as a training run and my husband and the kids ran/walked with the jogging stroller. We ran down our little country road and put mile markers at each mile. My mom and I met the kids with a finish line tape for them to run through and then we all awarded medals to each other. Then we ate freshly baked pumpkin pie. It was a really fun day and the kids loved running a "real ra... See more »
272 38:57 Female CAYCE, SC 43° F 5K
Ran with my husband and my baby boy on his 1st birthday. It was my 2nd 5K with my son. Chilly chilly out.
273 38:58 Female Rapid City, SD 5K
274 πŸ† 22 38:59 Female Bellevue, WA 47° F 5K
Amazing spring run at lake sammamish! Having lost weight helped me with a new PR! Sub 40"@12:30...I am excited for running season - next up is MS Run! #fitfamambassador # movethemission
275 39:00 Female US 35° F 5K
Made the lap around Boomer Lake in almost freezing weather!!
276 39:00 Female LAUREL, MD 26° F 5K
Great time running with friends to celebrate my friend's PI DAY BIRTHDAY! We even ate PIE after :)
277 πŸ† 14 39:02 Male Austin, TX 70° F 5K
278 🌟 6 39:07 Female NY 5K
First 3.14 of the NYC Half Marathon course on a treadmill! Killer hills!
279 🌟 5 39:10 Female Pomona, CA 78° F 5K
This run was great! It was pretty hot, but I'm having such a great time running with a group that I started at work. They're all faster than me and so I'm really able to push myself :) The heat got to me a bit, so our walk breaks were slow, but it was a great Pi Day 5k!!
280 39:12 Male Sioux Falls, SD 80° F 5K
281 39:15 Female TX 5K
First post-illness workout. No land speed record but I got it done.
282 39:19 Male Newport Center, VT 5K
My mom ran at 5 am and I ran at 5 pm. Then it was pie time!!!
283 ⭐️ 2 39:21 Female US 62° F 5K
Not bad for an old broad! Ran the 5K in my living room on my personal best! I l love all the swag and am impressed that even the safety pins were included.
284 πŸ† 11 39:25 Female Redding, CA 5K
Walked in my walking boot.
285 39:28 Female Bonney lake, WA 42° F 5K
This was my first ever virtual run. I ran outside with my doggy. We ran 3.2miles, a little over with was okay. I think next time I want to sign up with more people. I like running with people. But I love the shirt and medal. We will wearing my shirt on Tuesday.
286 39:30 Male Grand Blanc, MI 72° F 5K
287 39:31 Female Galloway, NJ 29° F 5K
288 39:36 Female US 5K
289 ⭐️ 3 39:37 Male Fairbanks, AK 5K
did the Leprechaun Race in Reno Nevada. Had great weather and a wonderful time.
290 39:37 Female Fairbanks, AK 5K
Did Leperchaun run in Reno Nevada with family and friends. But was not able to catch that sneaky Leperchaun.
291 ⭐️ 4 39:41 Female Creston, IA 72° F 5K
Had to takeep it inside this time so we took on the YMCA track. Great family fun time as we walk/ran.
292 ⭐️ 4 39:41 Female Lenox, IA 5K
Had to do our run indoors due to the cold but it was a great one!! had a blast!
293 🌟 6 39:41 Female Austin, TX 45° F 5K
My first 5K!
294 39:43 Female Buckeye, AZ 5K
295 39:52 Female Fallon, NV 77° F 5K
Ran at Lahontan State Recreation Area in Nevada. It was significantly warmer today.
296 ⭐️ 3 39:52 Female Mascoutah , IL 5K
297 🌟 8 39:56 Female Pottsville, PA 5K
298 ⭐️ 2 40:00 Female Cheyenne, WY 56° F 5K
Despite the 6,000ft plus elevation and very cold wind, we had a total blast walk/jogging this!
299 🌟 5 40:00 Female Middle River, MD 70° F 5K
Due to high winds and cold weather ran indoors on my treadmill.
300 ⭐️ 3 40:00 Female Boston, MA 5K
301 40:00 Female New York, NY 5K
302 40:00 Female Marietta, GA 5K
Run was great! Ran on the treadmill. I didn't realize my FitBit wouldn't share a URL for time! But it was great. Glad to have participated! Happy PiDay!
303 40:00 Female Woodbridge, VA 39° F 5K
We decided to do a walk/run since I've been down with an injury. We had fun and then we had pie!!! It even started snowing at the end of our run! Worth it!
304 40:00 Female US 70° F 5K
305 🌟 7 40:01 Female Universal City, TX 5K
306 🌟 9 40:02 Female Salem, OR 35° F 5K
Cold and achy, but it's done!
307 40:07 Female Stockton, CA 52° F 5K
I ran this 5k straight. The last time I did this was in 2009. Glad to know that I can still run. Thank you Pi Day for giving me a goal to strive for :)
308 🌟 9 40:08 Female Atlanta, GA 42° F 5K
309 ⭐️ 2 40:12 Female NE 5K
I wasn't sure I could do it, but I did AND I went faster than I thought I would!
310 ⭐️ 3 40:13 Female OH 5K
Ran on the treadmill because we got slammed by Winter Storm Stella.
311 🌟 5 40:13 Female Baton Rouge , LA 54° F 5K
First time running with one of my dogs 🐢 Definitely a more strenuous and entertaining run than usual!
312 ⭐️ 2 40:19 Female Beaumont, TX 5K
The Golden Triangle Strutters, aka Golden Pie-Angle Strutters, hosted a community 5k at their weekly Monday Run. We ran 3.14 miles and celebrated with pie. Awards were given to overall fastest male and female participants. 17 GTStrutters registered with FitFam, but 30+ ran with the group. -- I ran with a stroller! Stroller running is so hard.
313 40:19 Female Driftwood, TX 40° F 5K
A good start back after having the flu. Nice crisp morning.
314 🌟 9 40:23 Male Mundelein, IL 25° F 5K
Illinois Science Council's Pi Day Pi K in Lincoln Square, Chicago.
315 ⭐️ 4 40:24 Female Tampa, FL 67° F 5K
316 40:26 Female Silsbee , TX 57° F 5K
317 🌟 6 40:32 Female Syracuse, NY 72° F 5K
Being a former Math teacher, it was only fitting to do my 5k run on Pi Day while vacationing in Florida.
318 40:33 Male Silsbee, TX 57° F 5K
319 ⭐️ 3 40:35 Female OH 5K
320 πŸ† 14 40:38 Female OXNARD, CA 5K
321 🌟 6 40:39 Female Las Vegas, NV 70° F 5K
Moonlight run! A beautiful Vegas night. City lights on one side, moon on the other ☺️
322 🌟 8 40:47 Female North Lawrence, OH 36° F 5K
Great day to be outdoors!
323 🌟 5 40:49 Female Alameda, CA 5K
324 40:52 Male Cincinnati, OH 38° F 5K
My run went well. I ran in my neighborhood.
325 🌟 8 41:00 Female Red Deer, AB 5K
326 ⭐️ 2 41:00 Female MA 34° F 5K
Got it in before the blizzard!!
327 41:00 Female Waldorf, MD 5K
First race since getting over plantar fasciitis 3 weeks ago. Not as fast as I wanted it to be but after not running for 4 months....I'll take it!
328 41:04 Male Alameda, CA 5K
329 41:05 Male Alameda, CA 5K
330 🌟 5 41:25 Female Dallas, TX 22° F 5K
331 41:29 Female Wamego, KS 5K
Snowy outside, warm in the gym!
332 41:30 Male Webb City, MO 60° F 5K
333 πŸ† 16 41:32 Female Sewickley, PA 22° F 5K
Did on the treadmill tonight.
334 ⭐️ 3 41:35 Female Independence, OR 45° F 5K
335 πŸ† 14 41:37 Female Cibolo, TX 5K
336 41:44 Female Irvine, CA 5K
337 🌟 9 41:46 Female Weston, FL 5K
3.14 miles!
338 41:48 Male Sioux Falls, SD 5K
2nd 5k he's ever done! Nice job Carter!
339 ⭐️ 3 41:54 Female Pittsburgh, PA 5K
340 41:59 Female Rincon, GA 5K
341 πŸ† 12 42:00 Female Dillsburg, PA 5K
Ran/walked as part of my 10 mile treadmill run. Did side by side with my bestie Desiree at the gym.
342 ⭐️ 3 42:10 Female Greenbelt, MD 35° F 5K
The snow stopped just in time for me to start running at 3:14 pm!
343 🌟 9 42:10 Female MN 5K
Ran on my treadmill and stopped at 3.14 distance for 42:10 time! Whooo! Soon will bake blackberry pie!
344 42:15 Male Akron, OH 5K
It was actually a really good run, I didn't have the chance to train much prior to today so I jogged at a slower pace and felt great at the end! No impromptu blizzard is gonna stop the Wifey and I from getting that 3.1 in!
345 ⭐️ 3 42:20 Female Vancouver , BC 9° C 5K
Amazing weather, sunshine β˜€ ducklings and now one tired pup! Great day, now for PIE!!!!! πŸ’ž 🍰
346 🌟 8 42:22 Female Alachua, FL 72° F 5K
347 42:24 Female Le Mars, IA 24° F 5K
It was a super fun brisk day with 7 mamas and three kiddos. Then we hit my house for some peanut butter and strawberry pie!
348 42:29 Female Fort Myers, FL 57° F 5K
It was an unusually cold morning here in South Florida, but I set a new PR!
349 42:29 Male Fort Myers, FL 5K
350 42:30 Female US 5K
351 πŸ† 24 42:37 Female Fayetteville, NC 5K
352 ⭐️ 4 43:00 Female Snohomish, WA 5K
353 ⭐️ 4 43:00 Male San Marcos, CA 74° F 5K
What a great morning for the run, sunny, cool, and just fun!
354 ⭐️ 3 43:12 Female Anchorage, AK 16° F 5K
My walk/run was COLD!
355 ⭐️ 2 43:13 Male Castleton, NY 10K
Ran on the treadmill because outdoor temps today too cold; I suppose fitting for a virtual race. Happy Pi day!
356 ⭐️ 2 43:14 Female Clearfield, UT 60° F 5K
Beautiful weather! Ran outside, had to stop and walk after 15 minutes. Then walked and ran in intervals for the remainder of the run.
357 43:21 Female Spring Hill, FL 82° F 5K
At Gator Creek Preserve, weather was awesome, had chicken pot pie for dinner.
358 43:22 Female Los Angeles, CA 5K
359 ⭐️ 2 43:23 Female Aiken, SC 42° F 5K
Windy and chilly! Gorgeous sunset though!
360 ⭐️ 2 43:23 Male TX 53° F 5K
Difficult! First time to run in over a year!!😰
361 43:26 Female US 5K
I ran this 5K in the peaceful evening hours around my community after running a 5K yesterday with friends for a good cause!
362 43:30 Female Ossining, NY 16° F 5K
Nice 5K around my hilly neighborhood on a chilly but sunny morning...Happy Pi Day!
363 🌟 9 43:32 Female Fords, NJ 22° F 5K
Wogged the neighborhood b4 snowmageddon hits Jersey tomorrow evening.
364 43:45 Male Belleville, WI 5K
Had to run indoors on the treadmill, a little cold in Wisconsin today. A nice jog nonetheless.
365 ⭐️ 2 43:45 Female NY 5K
My first 5k, done! Originally I had hoped to finish under 50 min, but as I trained over the last few weeks, I saw my times dropping. This was my best time so far! Thank you for a fun challenge and the opportunity to push myself!
366 43:53 Female Canonsburg, PA 5K
Awesome! Now I just want a slice of PIe
367 ⭐️ 2 43:54 Male Silverdale, WA 5K
368 44:00 Female Los Angeles, CA 5K
369 🌟 5 44:00 Female Plano, TX 60° F 5K
It was a beautiful day for a walk/run on the Preston Ridge Bike Trail in Plano, Tx! My total distance was 3.1356 mi, and I crossed a "finish line" for my pizza pie! Yum!
370 ⭐️ 3 44:00 Female Pittsburgh , PA 61° F 5K
Ran around Santa Monica, had some user-error with my tracking app. So it's an estimate of 44 min for 5K because according to Google Location Services, it says that I ran 3.6 miles at a pace of 17:59.
371 44:15 Male Council Bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
372 44:17 Female Council bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
373 πŸ† 12 44:18 Female Council Bluffs, IA 36° F 5K
374 44:18 Female US 23° F 5K
Cold walk waiting for soccer practice to finish.... now time to warm up with hot chocolate, and some pi , of course!
375 πŸ† 13 44:19 Female Junction City, OR 42° F 5K
It wasn't raining like it was supposed to be! We have alot of noisy frogs!
376 44:20 Female MA 5K
It was great! I didn't walk once! :)
377 ⭐️ 2 44:25 Male Punta Gorda, FL 67° F 5K
378 44:31 Female MD 5K
379 44:33 Female 30° F 5K
380 44:33 Female Macungie , PA 30° F 5K
381 44:35 Female Lexington, KY 40° F 5K
Great day for a 5K!
382 ⭐️ 4 44:44 Male Denver, PA 23° F 5K
Cold; wind chill was 15 which was better than the 8 it was at 7am. Started snowing during the last mile which was the main reason I'm not running on Tuesday.
383 πŸ† 12 44:45 Female Federal Way, WA 48° F 5K
Ran around the neighborhood with my mini! Rainy and cloudy, but we did it!
384 44:59 Female Orlando, FL 5K
385 πŸ† 13 45:00 Female Bothell, WA 47° F 5K
My walk/run was good, especially since I've been under the weather over the last couple of weeks. It was damp and rather windy here in Bothell.
386 🌟 6 45:00 Female Woodridge, IL 5K
The weather was good! A little windy, but very easy to run in. I got lost in my subdivision, so I ran 4.4 miles haha.
387 ⭐️ 2 45:00 Female Dickinson, TX 5K
388 ⭐️ 2 45:00 Female Novato, CA 5K
389 45:00 Female Westerville, OH 5K
390 45:00 Male Houston, TX 68° F 5K
Was great did the loop around Rice with family. Lots of things up for shirts.
391 45:00 Female Dublin, CA 5K
392 45:00 Female US 5K
393 45:03 Female Longmont, CO 5K
394 45:04 Male Maple City, MI 77° F 5K
Along the Sanibel bike paths; weather is gorgeous here!
395 45:05 Female Burke, VA 5K
Because of the winter storm that visited the northeast, I had to head indoors for my run. My great teammate Loretta allowed me to be a guest at her gym, so I had access to a treadmill. I realized it was the 1st run since last spring. I plan on this being the 1st run of many this season and beyond.
396 45:10 Female 5K
Beautiful sunshine...first run/walk of the season! Can't wait to get out again!!
397 45:10 Female Brooklyn, NY 5K
This was really fun. I am not proud of the time, but I am happy that I made it!! Love this run!!
398 45:13 Female MD 5K
399 🌟 9 45:13 Female US 5K
We did 4 miles on Friday, March 10. I entered our 5k time based on our pace that day. Our first race with FitFam and we had a ball. You're also very organized, and we love the swag.
400 🌟 9 45:13 Male US 5K
Walked 4 miles, so this is extrapolated based on distance and pace.
401 45:14 Female 5K
402 45:26 Female US 5K
403 ⭐️ 3 45:30 Female PORT RICHEY, FL 63° F 5K
What a beautiful day for a 5k and some yummy Pie! We had a great run!
404 🌟 5 45:30 Female Odessa, FL 63° F 5K
I met my friend at Starkey Park in NPR, Florida at 8:30 am. It was a beautiful cloudy morning with temps at 63 degrees! Perfect for a 5k run! Finished our run and had pie and coffee waiting at the finish line! Great day! Fun run!
405 45:32 Male 25° F 5K
walked my neighborhood
406 45:32 Female Alameda, CA 5K
407 45:43 Female 38° F 5K
408 ⭐️ 3 45:44 Female Grand Forks, ND 40° F 5K
409 45:44 Female CA 73° F 5K
I haven't run in a very long time at this location, but it was clear and sunny. There was a slight breeze and I loved it. I passed a couple Canadian Geese who were nesting...and there were multiple school groups exploring the wetlands. It was a great experience!
410 45:49 Female Vancouver, WA 5K
Running with nonrunning husband and 10 year old son was slow but fun!
411 45:49 Male Vancouver, WA 5K
Knee started hurting so I slowed family up, but, we did it!
412 45:49 Male Vancouver, WA 5K
He had a great time trying to get dad to run more! However, like to run as a family, so, defitnely a slower pace than we would have had if dad had own time!
413 ⭐️ 3 45:52 Female Hesperia, CA 85° F 5K
414 46:03 Female Longmont, CO 5K
415 46:03 Female Longmont, CO 5K
416 ⭐️ 4 46:13 Female Federal Way, WA 5K
Was hoping to improve over my Feb sweetheart run, but was a bit slower. My training the last 3 weeks has been lacking. April will be better!
417 ⭐️ 3 46:14 Female FL 80° F 5K
418 ⭐️ 3 46:15 Female Nazareth, PA 50° F 5K
Good run, sun was out. Couldn't do it last week because of the blizzard.
419 ⭐️ 2 46:20 Female Shoemakersville , PA 25° F 5K
This was my first 5k for the year, and a cold one at that! I've never run in any weather colder than 40 degrees, so this was a huge adjustment for me, but was so much fun!
420 46:23 Female Brick Township, NJ 9° F 5K
This was my 12 year olds first 5k so it was a jog walk for her. It was very cold out so we ran at the gym. She started out very excited because they were learning about Pi in math. She was not excited about all of the running. She is planning on running with me again though. She did run 3.14 miles.
421 ⭐️ 2 46:25 Female Tampa, FL 5K
422 46:35 Female US 5K
423 ⭐️ 3 46:42 Female Bel Air, MD 46° F 5K
424 46:49 Female Alamogordo, NM 60° F 5K
It felt great! My husband and I ran on a path near our house with a double jogging stroller.
425 46:49 Male Alamogordo, NM 60° F 5K
426 46:49 Female Kissimmee, FL 5K
427 47:00 Female Houston, TX 68° F 5K
My family walked with me for my 70th birthday.
428 47:00 Female Cedar Rapids, IA 30° F 5K
Very cold
429 47:00 Female CA 5K
430 ⭐️ 3 47:05 Female Las Vegas , NV 70° F 5K
Beautiful day at the Springs Perserve with my bestie!!!
431 πŸ† 24 47:10 Female Boerne, TX 61° F 5K
Beautiful weather for a beautiful run
432 ⭐️ 2 47:10 Female Tampa, FL 5K
433 47:10 Male TX 61° F 5K
434 ⭐️ 3 47:13 Female Portland, OR 5K
435 47:16 Female 20° F 5K
I ran this 5K with Winter Storm Stella swirling around me which was beautiful but exhausting b/c the snow was getting pretty deep and they had not plowed yet! I also ran my route in the shape of the symbol Pi!! And then came home and baked an apple-berry pi(e) with the symbol Pi on it!! What a fun virtual race!! Thanks!
436 ⭐️ 4 47:22 Female Jacksonville, FL 5K
437 ⭐️ 2 47:22 Female Henderson , US 70° F 5K
Springs Preserve is the perfect place for a run/walk!
438 47:24 Female OK 10K
439 47:31 Female Boise, ID 5K
It was awesome! New personal record!
440 47:32 Female Puyallup, WA 5K
441 47:43 Female US 39° F 5K
Bay City St Patrick's Day 5k - was great
442 ⭐️ 4 47:55 Female Frederick, MD 28° F 5K
It was a cold and blustery day but I manged a shave a few seconds for a new PR
443 πŸ† 19 47:58 Female Beaverton, OR 62° F 5K
So much better than last year's walk! 50 seconds better per split, and sunny skies versus hail and rain.
444 48:00 Female US 5K
Cheered on by work colleagues as it made for an energizing end to my day while they continued working. Fun time off! 3.14+ miles, at 3:14pmCT on 3/14. Smiles, ~Laurie
445 ⭐️ 2 48:00 Female Omaha, NE 5K
446 🌟 9 48:02 Female Federal Way , WA 5K
447 🌟 7 48:06 Female US 5K
Go Peakers4Pi!!!!!
448 48:10 Female Midland, MI 35° F 5K
It was a brisk walk but the sun was shining.
449 🌟 7 48:13 Female Norcross, GA 5K
450 ⭐️ 4 48:15 Female NC 54° F 5K
451 ⭐️ 4 48:15 Male Fayetteville, NC 55° F 5K
452 48:16 Female Pasco, WA 55° F 5K
This is the first time I have done something like this. I am about to turn 65 and decided fitness might be a good idea and I love Pi Day because my daughter is a math geek!!
453 🌟 6 48:30 Female Fredericksburg, VA 5K
454 48:32 Female Roseville, CA 72° F 5K
I haven't been very active, so this walk/run was difficult. However, knowing pi(e) was waiting at the end made the effort worthwhile! I also did this event because my fiance and I started officially dating on Pi Day, so it was a great way to celebrate our anniversary, too!
455 ⭐️ 4 48:36 Female Gilbert, AZ 10K
Treadmill run due to 90Β° temps
456 48:37 Male Wyoming, MI 5K
457 🌟 5 48:39 Female Cross Junction , VA 5K
Ran most of the first two miles and walked the last 1.14, both on the treadmill.
458 48:39 Female Manvel , TX 5K
459 48:39 Male Manvel, TX 5K
460 ⭐️ 2 48:42 Female Huntington Beach, CA 5K
461 ⭐️ 3 48:42 Female Saginaw, MI 42° F 5K
462 48:47 Female Sewell, NJ 34° F 5K
First run since injuring my back. Took it slow. Had to get it in before the blizzard tonight
463 48:50 Female Evans, CO 70° F 5K
It was a very warm Colorado evening just at sunset. I love watching the pretty mountains at this time.
464 48:58 Female Atco, NJ 5K
465 49:00 Female woodbury, NJ 5K
466 49:01 Female Searsport, ME 1° F 5K
The temperature is NOT a typo, and the wind chill is -19 here! Mostly walked, with my breath turning to frosty droplets on my scarf. Here in Belfast, Maine, I walked the pedestrian bridge across to the rail trail and then went on a loop uphill into town. This is my first 5k ever. I used "Couch to 5K" to record my time and distance.
467 49:23 Female 5K
468 49:25 Female Flowery Branch, GA 40° F 5K
Well, it wasn't exciting but it is done. Ran/walked on the gym treadmill. Thanks for a good challenge.
469 49:26 Female Moyie Springs, ID 40° F 5K
First run outdooors since Jan 1st. Cold but sunny and nice morning for a run/walk.
470 49:36 Female US 46° F 5K
471 πŸ† 10 49:38 Female Davisburg, MI 5K
472 🌟 9 49:39 Female sudbury, MA 11° F
Cold, cold day
473 ⭐️ 2 49:47 Female VA 5K
Ran a 5K on Sunday and this was my recovery 5K walk on Monday! Earning my slice of pie everyday!
474 49:51 Female Reading, PA 42° F 5K
475 ⭐️ 2 49:58 Female Highland Village, TX 5K
476 ⭐️ 2 50:00 Female Brookston , IN 24° F 5K
It was cold! Snowing and the normally gravel road was ice covered!
477 🌟 5 50:00 Female US 35° F 5K
Brisk but great!!!!
478 50:00 Female Hagersville, ON -9° C 5K
It was in the middle of a snow storm, but I wanted to do it on the day, so I laced up and got it done. My very first running event.
479 ⭐️ 2 50:00 Female 40° F 5K
480 50:00 Female IL 5K
481 50:00 Female US 5K
482 50:00 Female Priest River, ID 35° F 5K
483 50:05 Female 5K
Lovely slow jog (slog) on a treadmill with built-in fan. Granted, I would have been cooler had I run outside but the ice and snow were a deterrent. I very much enjoy having a distance goal with race swag to earn. Thank you for helping me off of the couch!
484 50:06 Male Hamilton, NJ 29° F 10K
We are in the middle of a big snow storm on the east coast so unfortunately I had to do my run on the treadmill, but it was fun :)
485 ⭐️ 4 50:10 Female Airdrie, AB 5K
486 50:12 Female Cary, NC 60° F 5K
487 🌟 5 50:13 Female Terrell, TX 77° F 5K
We went to Ben Gill Park in Terrell, TX right after work on 3-17-17. Was a great walk and we enjoyed a mini pecan pie after :)
488 🌟 5 50:13 Female New Hartford, NY 20° F 5K
489 50:17 Female Noti , OR 5K
490 50:26 Female North Las Vegas, NV 84° F 5K
I hate posting this time. It was basically a walk, obviously not a fast one. I was pushing my 4 year old in his truck and happy that my husband joined us. It doesn't always have to be about beating my time.
491 πŸ† 10 50:28 Female Katy, TX 5K
492 50:33 Female Green Bay, WI 10° F 5K
493 50:43 Female US 5K
494 50:47 Male Albany, NY 10K
495 🌟 8 50:51 Female Simi Valley, CA 72° F 5K
496 πŸ† 11 50:58 Female Manhattan , KS 30° F 5K
My run was great except for the bitter cold and brutal winds.
497 50:58 Female 5K
I injured my foot pretty seriously last July - and this 5K was the first time I've been able to run since I injured my foot! I'm pretty proud that I stuck with it, that my pace was faster than I thought it would be after 8 months off, and that I was able to run two sets of a mile straight. Not back to where I was before my injury, but I am really happy with how well I did and how good it felt t... See more »
498 ⭐️ 2 50:59 Female 67° F 5K
Treadmill in Planet Fitness
499 🌟 7 51:00 Female Waskom, TX 65° F 5K
I had a more precise time working and then my app a pie in a freezer!
500 🌟 7 51:00 Female Bryan, OH 22° F 5K
COLD run but GOT OUTSIDE! :) Asthma terrible now :( faster pace then my last outdoor run (I think) -ha!
501 51:00 Female Waskom, TX 65° F 5K
502 51:00 Female Mt. Pleasant, SC 81° F 5K
I may not be fast, but as a new runner, I did it!
503 51:01 Male Claremont, CA 86° F 5K
We loved it! It was hot, but we both had a great time and enjoyed our pie at the end at our local pie shop, I Like Pie.
504 ⭐️ 4 51:02 Female Carson, CA 81° F 5K
505 51:05 Female CA 86° F 5K
Patrick was so excited and loved the run. His only complaint was that I was too slow! He was promised a breeze on his face! Apparently I've been eating more pie lately than running! Thanks for a great event. It was super fun!
506 🌟 8 51:11 Male Renton, WA 5K
Nice Hilly run for pie!
507 51:15 Female Mount Angel, OR 45° F 5K
508 51:16 Female Saint Louis, MO 5K
Walked a route with my mom through the neighborhood using map my run to get the map out a route that ended up being 3.16 total distance.
509 51:16 Female Saint Peters, MO 5K
Walked with my daughter, through the neighborhood for 3.16 miles.
510 ⭐️ 2 51:16 Female OH 5K
511 51:27 Female US 5K
3.14mi on the treadmill to complete my PiDay race!
512 51:30 Female 5K
513 ⭐️ 2 51:35 Female Athens, WI 28° F 5K
Brisk wind, beautiful sun but cold day.
514 ⭐️ 3 51:41 Female 5K
We had to walk inside due to winter storm Stella!
515 🌟 6 51:41 Female Unadilla, NY 5K
Our team got divided due to STELLA who dropped 30+ inches of snow on Pi day - we all completed whether we did it on our own or small groups. Pretty bummed we couldn't do it all together but we got it in!! Spartan Pride !!
516 51:55 Male Simi Valley, CA 72° F 5K
517 ⭐️ 3 51:57 Female US 5K
518 52:00 Female PA 5K
519 52:00 Male Mechanicsburg, PA 5K
520 52:02 Female US 5K
521 ⭐️ 3 52:05 Female Loveland, OH 30° F 5K
I was supposed to run the 5K but once I got going; I kept on and finished jogging 7K. My first FitFam activity :)
522 ⭐️ 2 52:21 Female CO 67° F 5K
4 minutes faster than February's Sweetheart Run 5k results!!!
523 52:21 Female FLAGSTAFF, AZ 5K
After a week of sick children, a sick spouse and finally catching the bug myself, I was able to fit in a brisk 5K walk on the treadmill after the kids went to bed. My first year is in the books, can't wait for next year!
524 🌟 7 52:28 Female Sweet springs , MO 5K
525 52:38 Female Honolulu, HI 84° F 5K
It was a hot and humid morning here in Honoluli, but my dog and I trucked on! We were slower than molasses because we had to stop and smell everything, but we got it done in under and hour!
526 🌟 6 53:00 Female US 32° F 5K
527 53:00 Female Fairfax, VA 5K
528 ⭐️ 4 53:09 Male Terrell , TX 77° F 5K
We went to Ben Gill Park in Terrell, TX right after work on 3-17-17. Was a great walk and we enjoyed a mini pecan pie after :)
529 ⭐️ 4 53:11 Female Germantown, MD 5K
530 53:12 Female IL 5K
531 53:12 Female Bloomington, IL 5K
532 ⭐️ 2 53:19 Female Anchorage, AK 8° F 5K
533 🌟 7 53:21 Female Northampton, PA 5K
After a 5 month break from the treadmill, I knew I would be slow. Heres to starting over again!
534 53:27 Female US 5K
535 53:27 Male Longwood, FL 5K
536 ⭐️ 3 53:37 Female Medina, OH 10K
537 ⭐️ 3 53:39 Female Peabody, MA 26° F 5K
Our first 5K went well! We walked in the frigid cold and completed our 5K in under an hour!!!! We can't wait to sign up for the next one and beat our time!
538 53:40 Female Irvine, CA 70° F 5K
539 53:40 Male Irvine, CA 70° F 5K
540 53:40 Male Irvine, CA 70° F 5K
541 ⭐️ 2 53:42 Female Kent, OH 14° F 5K
Did it at the gym during a winter storm! As the snow fell and the temperature dropped, I was runnin' for Pi! :D
542 ⭐️ 4 53:46 Female Ventura, CA 5K
Beautiful day on vacation in Florida
543 πŸ† 14 53:54 Female Sherman Oaks, CA 60° F 5K
I walked 3.75 miles total and had a great time.
544 ⭐️ 2 53:55 Female Randolph, NJ 26° F 5K
COLD! Now I need some PIE!
545 54:00 Female San Pedro, CA 62° F 5K
546 54:00 Female Montreal , QC 1° C 5K
I enjoyed a beautiful sunny, snowy jog/walk in a park near the Olympic Stadium in Montreal. Feels good to get out after the storm!
547 ⭐️ 3 54:01 Female Fayetteville, NC 53° F 5K
548 ⭐️ 2 54:06 Female US 29° F 10K
549 ⭐️ 4 54:11 Female Burbank, CA 5K
First run post-chemo! It was slow, but it was something!
550 ⭐️ 2 54:16 Female San Jose, CA 5K
It was fun!
551 ⭐️ 2 54:24 Female Tacoma , WA 57° F 5K
552 🌟 7 54:30 Female Boise, ID 5K
553 🌟 6 54:31 Female US 70° F 5K
I walked through the beautiful homes of Alameda. It was fun.
554 ⭐️ 2 54:38 Female Richmond, VA 5K
555 54:48 Female Gahanna, OH 5K
My only concern with our winter weather advisory in central Ohio was that the roads wouldn't permit me to get to Planet Fitness to walk/run my Pi Day 5k. Thankfully, conditions were favorable and I made it. YAY!!! I've been waiting forever for this one. I ran a bit more than I typically do, which was awesome. Next year my plan is to run the entire distance outside. (BTW - we're celebrating with... See more »
556 🌟 6 54:51 Female Brick, NJ 9° F 5K
Ran 5.52 miles while my daughter Regan was completing her first jog/walk 5k on the treadmill next to me. The weather here in New Jersey is very cold and windy so an outside run with a preteen is out right now but we had fun and she wants to try and run with me again and that's all that matters. Happy Pi Day.
557 ⭐️ 3 54:55 Male Rockaway Park, NY 49° F 5K
558 ⭐️ 2 55:00 Female Kent, WA 5K
Beautiful day for a 5K around the neighborhood with my friend Robyn.
559 ⭐️ 4 55:00 Female NY 5K
560 🌟 6 55:00 Female New York, NY 5K
561 55:00 Female Fresno, CA 74° F 5K
Fun time! I started it on Sunday as a dry run. Then in 3-14 I jogged/walked it officially. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ
562 55:00 Female US 5K
Went for a great walk at the mall with a friend! Thanks for a great event!
563 55:00 Female Baltimore, MD 5K
564 🌟 5 55:04 Female Redding, CA 5K
Treadmill, sweated, then had some Pie!!
565 55:04 Male US 42° F 5K
I did 3.14 miles
566 55:06 Male Pomona, CA 79° F 5K
Wasn't feeling 100% so it was a power walk. :)
567 ⭐️ 2 55:07 Female Redondo Beach, CA 5K
568 55:08 Male US 5K
569 ⭐️ 3 55:14 Female Edmond, OK 5K
570 55:14 Female US 5K
571 55:35 Female Seaside, OR 5K
572 🌟 6 55:47 Female Mission Viejo, CA 78° F 5K
Gorgeous walk around Lake Mission Viejo with my Math Teacher colleagues and my own High School Math Teacher. Team Math Titans went out for Pie afterwards!
573 55:55 Male Stockton, CA 5K
Shamrock N' Half, Sacramento, CA on 3/11/2017.
574 55:55 Female Huber Heights, OH 26° F 5K
That was fun! I tried to spell out Pi Day using the GPS tracker as I walked. It is much harder to draw letters while walking then I expected. It started snowing, too.
575 56:00 Female Readfield, ME 13° F 5K
I walked in 13 degree weather with a strong wind. I walked on a quiet dirt road and was able to enjoy being outside and getting exercise. I look forward to doing another race.
576 56:00 Female UT 63° F 5K
This was my third official 5k. I would have liked to have had a better finishing time, but I'm really happy I finished under an hour! 6 months ago, I weighed 350 pounds. I started walking every day. I lost a few pounds, but I wasn't progressing like I'd hoped. At the end of January, I joined Weight Watchers and became much more conscious of how I'm fueling my body. Today, I weigh 323 pounds, an... See more »
577 πŸ† 26 56:03 Female Everett, WA 42° F 5K
Do much fun earning PIE for Pi Day!
578 🌟 6 56:05 Female GA 5K
First run in a month! Glad I was able to get out there and do it.
579 ⭐️ 2 56:14 Female Portland, OR 36° F 5K
580 ⭐️ 3 56:15 Female Walford, IA 30° F 5K
It's was plenty chilly but fabulous none the less. We had a great group of crazies show up. Pi day tailgating was a success. Pie for all and a little more.
581 ⭐️ 3 56:26 Female American fork , UT 55° F 5K
An easy 5K for me as I ran with my friend who is just starting to run.
582 ⭐️ 3 56:37 Female MI 5K
583 56:37 Female SOUTH LYON, MI 5K
584 56:37 Female SOUTH LYON, MI 5K
585 56:38 Male Manvel, TX 5K
586 56:38 Female Manvel, TX 5K
587 56:42 Female PA 32° F 10K
I was unable to run on 3/14 due to the snowstorm (Nor'easter Stella) we received that day. The aftermath of the storm has resulted in far less than ideal running conditions, since many people in my neighborhood neglected to shovel their sidewalks, resulting in more of a run/walk/climb for recent runs. Therefore, I am using my 8+ mile run from 3/13 as the 10k result that I am submitting.
588 56:43 Female Williamsburg , VA 5K
Cold cold cold outside so I used my Treadclimber indoors
589 56:45 Female Sugar Land, TX 56° F 5K
The temperature was in the 50's, windy, and overcast. I started on my regular walking route around the neighborhood. Previously I have done the 5K in 1 hr 3 min. Today's time was 56 minutes 45 seconds. So glad to be improving.
590 56:49 Female Lewisville, TX 50° F 10K
I mentally just wanted to finish the distance and did better than I had ever done in training runs despite being on a treadmill. Pretty pleased that I did it!
591 ⭐️ 3 56:54 Female McMinnville, OR 52° F 5K
592 πŸ† 16 57:00 Male Richland, WA 45° F 10K
This was my last run before I go for 100 miles
593 ⭐️ 4 57:00 Female Chattanooga, TN 38° F 5K
594 ⭐️ 3 57:00 Female Titusville, FL 75° F 5K
595 🌟 8 57:00 Female Molena, GA 5K
596 57:00 Female Eustace, TX 64° F 5K
Walked at Eustace High school track with a friend.
597 ⭐️ 2 57:00 Female EUSTACE, TX 66° F 5K
Wonderful! Did it with a friend!
598 ⭐️ 2 57:00 Female Newark, DE 28° F 5K
It was a cold walk but enjoyable! Now time for pie after pi!
599 ⭐️ 3 57:00 Female Cedar Rapids, IA 30° F 5K
We walked on a trail. Was alit of fun, just very cold.
600 57:00 Male US 5K
601 57:11 Female Seattle, WA 54° F 5K
Team Cutie Pies started at 3:14pm today. Connie ran in sunshine and I ran in rain and it was all wonderful! Susannah is in the middle of her race. I have a friend, Susannah, that is disabled and bedridden, when I told her what I was doing she said "I want to be involved but I don't know how". We brainstormed and here what she is going to do tomorrow when I start my race at 3:14pm, she's going... See more »
602 ⭐️ 2 57:13 Female Apple Valley, CA 85° F 5K
I did just a little jogging but most of it was walking. My full time for the 3.24 distance is 59:15, but I was able to track and see my time for the exact 3.14 distance. It was fun to participate with the local group and, of course, enjoy pie after the event at our local Marie Callender's.
603 ⭐️ 3 57:22 Female Grand Blanc, MI 5K
Walked at an indoor track at Saint John Church in Davison, Michigan.
604 ⭐️ 2 57:23 Female Goshen, NY 5K
I did my walk on the treadmill at Anytime Fitness in Middletown NY. First 5k I've timed and happy that I completed in under an hour. Signed up for 2 more virtual 5k and hope to do better with each one.
605 57:29 Female IL 5K
606 57:33 Female CA 5K
607 57:33 Female CA 5K
608 ⭐️ 2 57:35 Female STERLING HEIGHTS, MI 10K
609 ⭐️ 3 57:41 Female US
610 57:56 Female North Easton, MA 5K
Busted it out on a treadmill at the gym a day late thanks to snow closing down the town.
611 ⭐️ 2 58:00 Female Collegeville, PA 5K
612 58:00 Female Gilroy, CA 71° F 5K
Slow by most standards, but pretty good for bad knees.
613 ⭐️ 4 58:11 Female Winchester, VA 78° F 5K
614 58:16 Female US 5K
615 🌟 9 58:17 Female Pompton Plains, NJ 5K
Inside on treadmill after a week long sinus infection
616 πŸ† 13 58:23 Female San Diego, CA 5K
Walked a trail so a little slower... battling a chest cold too!
617 58:23 Male El Cajon, CA 5K
618 58:24 Female Sunland, CA 5K
619 ⭐️ 2 58:27 Female Appleton, WI 10K
620 🌟 5 58:28 Female Richmond, VA 41° F 5K
621 ⭐️ 3 58:36 Female LACEY, WA 5K
It's raining out so I hit the treadmill. Took it easy today as I just did another 5k Sunday, but it's done and I celebrated with a Fisher scones. Yum!
622 ⭐️ 4 58:44 Female Bremerton , WA 5K
623 ⭐️ 2 58:56 Female Winnsboro, LA 41° F 5K
It was my first truly hard push on my gazelle. I used a stop watch to track my time. Watched TOUCH on Netflix to totally geek out while knocking out my miles. Was excellent practice for my upcoming LIVE 5K.
624 ⭐️ 2 58:59 Female Fort Myers, FL 70° F 5K
625 59:00 Male New Albany, OH 45° F 5K
626 🌟 6 59:06 Female Maple Valley, WA 85° F 10K
627 🌟 6 59:14 Female woodbury, NJ 36° F 5K
628 πŸ† 27 59:34 Female Corona, CA 78° F 5K
629 59:35 Female IL 5K
630 59:41 Female Centreville , US 41° F 5K
631 🌟 8 59:44 Female Silverdale, WA 45° F 5K
Walked in Heritage Park. Very wet and windy.
632 59:50 Female Daly City, CA 5K
I did my 5k during my vacation on the south shore of Kauai. The morning view of the beautiful coastline was great motivation (although it did slow me down a bit. :p)
633 59:51 Female ROCKAWAY PARK, NY 5K
Did on treadmill at local YMCA!!!! My last mile was under 15 min mile personal best, haven't run that in almost 10 years!!
634 ⭐️ 3 59:54 Female Germantown, MD 5K
635 ⭐️ 2 1:00:00 Female Darien, IL 5K
We had to walk inside on track due to snowfall!
636 🌟 6 1:00:00 Male US 20° F 5K
637 ⭐️ 4 1:00:00 Female Fort Worth, TX 5K
638 🌟 7 1:00:00 Female NC 5K
639 1:00:00 Male Hallandale Beach, FL 5K
640 1:00:00 Male US 5K
Can we have pie now?
641 1:00:00 Male US 5K
Awesome like me!
642 1:00:00 Female Meriden, KS 5K
643 1:00:00 Female Allen, TX 71° F 5K
644 1:00:00 Female US 32° F 5K
It was a run on my birthday, I completed 3.14 on 3/14
645 1:00:00 Female Great Falls, MT 54° F 5K
The family and I hit the trails for this 5k. We are military stationed in Montana and love to explore. We heard about this Sulfur Springs close to us that Lewis and Clark visited. So we decided To go see it. It slowed us down a bit but it was well worth it.
646 🌟 7 1:00:10 Female Apex, NC 48° F 5K
I went to a nearby park that was open, it was drizzly out but still a nice walk. My pace was better than it had been at 19.5 had been longer in the past, and with winter here I thought it would be slower too. Weather was like about 48 degrees, good time.
647 🌟 6 1:00:11 Female Fremont, CA 62° F 5K
648 1:00:15 Male Randolph, NJ 34° F 5K
A nice walk, done today since over a foot of snow is forecast for tomorrow. Eskimo Pi.
649 🌟 5 1:00:29 Male Tucson, AZ 5K
650 🌟 5 1:00:29 Female Tucson, AZ 5K
651 1:00:37 Male Hampton, VA 67° F 10K
Haven't run a 5K in over a year, so a 10K was pretty rough. Had a great time running along the American River in Sacramento, CA, though!
652 1:00:38 Male Overland Park, KS
653 1:00:42 Male Stockton, CA 10K
Shamrock N' Half, Sacramento, CA on 3/11/2017
654 ⭐️ 4 1:00:48 Female Zanesville, OH 8° F 10K
Fah-ree-zing. But I did it! And as I type this with numb fingers that I can barely believe are communicating with my brain I will be proud to have earned that medal. Who needs cryotherapy when you have single-digit temps to run in!?
655 ⭐️ 4 1:01:00 Female Readfield, ME 10K
656 1:01:09 Male Marietta, GA 5K
657 1:01:12 Female Alton , IL 5K
Had to walk the mall, way too cold outside. Sucked walking around all the shoppers, really slowed us down. Enjoyed it anway, so much fun!
658 1:01:12 Female Alton, IL 5K
Had to walk the mall, way too cold outside. Sucked walking around all the shoppers, really slowed us down. Enjoyed it anway, so much fun!
659 1:01:16 Female AL 5K
We were on vacation in Queenstown, New Zealand. We walked on 3/14 at sunrise. What a beautiful walk.
660 1:01:16 Female Harvest, AL 5K
661 ⭐️ 2 1:01:23 Female Liberty, MO 30° F 10K
662 ⭐️ 3 1:01:58 Female Dallas, TX 67° F 5K
Walked/jogged at Coppell Nature Park which was more like a hike. Lots of stairs!!! Would have probably been faster if we had been doing a more regular walk.
663 1:02:00 Male Washington Twp, NJ 45° F 10K
Much needed run to clear the mind before a long week at work. Went further than the 10K I was feeling so good.
664 ⭐️ 4 1:02:00 Female Los Angeles, CA 5K
665 1:02:06 Male Kingsland, GA 5K
666 1:02:21 Female Glendale, CA 84° F 5K
At the track with friends. So fun!
667 ⭐️ 2 1:02:25 Female Ellerslie, GA 50° F 10K
668 🌟 5 1:02:30 Female Mesa, AZ 80° F 5K
669 ⭐️ 3 1:02:31 Female TX 65° F 5K
We went to a local nature trail and did most of the walk on a gentle hike. We also did a few spurts of jogging. Afterward we enjoyed some slices of pie!
670 ⭐️ 4 1:02:37 Female Cumming, GA 5K
A beautiful day for a 5k. It was almost 60 degrees and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I'm a walker not a runner so my time isn't so great but that doesn't stop me. I'm a reformed couch potato. This is my 5th 5k.
671 πŸ† 17 1:03:08 Female Coeur d Alene, ID 5K
672 ⭐️ 2 1:03:12 Female Columbia, SC 5K
673 ⭐️ 4 1:03:50 Female US 88° F 10K
674 🌟 6 1:03:53 Female Bay City, MI 40° F 5K
Ended up walking on the treadmill. Got up to 40 degrees today, but too much snow and wind for me!
675 🌟 5 1:04:26 Female Pasadena, CA 78° F 5K
676 1:04:26 Male Dayton, OH 34° F 10K
677 ⭐️ 3 1:04:32 Female Chicago, IL 10K
Due to the snowstorm I had to compete inside using my elliptical.
678 🌟 7 1:04:34 Male Albany, OR 53° F 5K
679 πŸ† 24 1:04:40 Female Coon Rapids, MN 12° F
A cold 10k but.. also a PR whats not to love... oh and my racing bestie got 3rd in her age group cheers
680 ⭐️ 2 1:04:41 Female Duvall, WA 38° F 5K
Well, I did it, hurt knee and all. I went slow and steady because I just wanted to finish. The hail at the 2 mile mark made things interesting! πŸ˜€
681 ⭐️ 2 1:05:00 Female Albany, NY 36° F 5K
682 1:05:00 Female CA 10K
Run - the Stevens Creek Trail.
683 1:05:00 Female 5K
684 1:05:02 Female Kingsland, GA 5K
685 1:05:04 Female Unadilla , NY 48° F 5K
I walked with 3 of my grandchildren and daughter😁
686 1:05:09 Female Seattle, WA 8° C 10K
The only run I've ever done with bronchitis.
687 1:05:11 Female DC 5K
It was an ice storm outside so I did it inside. Not my best time but way more comfortable
688 1:05:15 Female Elk Grove Village, IL 28° F 10K
I watched the snow blow from the comfort of my treadmill inside.
689 1:05:33 Female VA 5K
My friend and I walked from my house to the lake abutting my neighborhood, partway around the lake, and back!
690 1:05:43 Female Reno, NV 67° F 10K
Ran along the American River in Sacramento. What a beautiful day!
691 1:05:46 Female Glastonbury, CT 27° F 5K
Heavy snow, about 3-4 inches on the ground. 27 degrees
692 🌟 9 1:06:00 Female Davenport , FL 76° F 5K
693 πŸ† 16 1:06:00 Female Derry, PA 24° F 10K
24 degrees in Western Pa, so did my run on the treadmill. Much rather be running outside, but everything is pretty slippery since it has snowed all day!
694 🌟 5 1:06:07 Female Hopewell, VA 5K
695 🌟 8 1:06:09 Female San Diego, CA 5K
696 1:06:21 Female CA 5K
697 1:06:29 Female 10K
698 ⭐️ 2 1:06:33 Female US 5K
699 🌟 6 1:06:53 Male NY 5K
First run/walk on treadmill ever! First time doing 3.14 miles! First time going more than 1 mile! (Too cold to go outside!)
700 ⭐️ 2 1:07:00 Female US 5K
701 🌟 5 1:07:00 Female Rolling Meadows, IL 5K
702 πŸ† 11 1:07:10 Female Rock Island, IL 70° F 10K
Ran on the these virtual races....has given me the motivation to stay active!
703 🌟 6 1:07:24 Female Vancouver, WA 10K
I chose a hilly course for my 10K, so not a fast time, but a needed run to earn my pi(e)!
704 1:08:16 Female Newport Center, VT 10K
5 am Double Pi Day 5K is done!!! I managed to complete my 10K before the kids were even out of bed for school. Great way to start the day. It will be my son's turn to run when he gets home from school!
705 1:08:20 Female Oakton, VA 38° F 5K
706 1:08:26 Female Phoenix, AZ 73° F 5K
3.24 miles average pace 21:05/mile
707 1:08:26 Female Phoenix, AZ 73° F 5K
3.24 miles Average pace: 21:05/mi
708 🌟 5 1:09:00 Female Maryland, NY 12° F 5K
I had to X-Country Ski my 3.14 miles because there was 36 inches of snow on the ground.
709 🌟 5 1:09:09 Female Kenilworth , NJ 24° F 5K
710 ⭐️ 4 1:10:00 Female Bedford, TX 5K
711 πŸ† 12 1:10:00 Female Derry , NH 10K
712 ⭐️ 2 1:10:00 Female Claremore , OK 5K
713 1:10:00 Male Westminster, CO 5K
1 mile with Mia and 2 miles with Momma
714 1:10:00 Male Westminster, CO 5K
1 mile with Mia and 2 miles with Momma
715 1:10:15 Male Rahway, NJ 10K
Elliptical inside while Stella makes a mess of Pi Day outside.
716 🌟 6 1:10:45 Female Santa fe, TX 55° F 10K
Walked at work and was a bit breezy great exercise.
717 πŸ† 10 1:11:00 Female Puyallup, WA 10K
718 1:11:40 Female US 49° F 5K
719 1:11:40 Female Pennsville, NJ 49° F 5K
720 πŸ† 11 1:12:00 Male Chesapeake, VA 5K
In the local mall, dodging the folks walking 3 or 4 abreast.
721 ⭐️ 2 1:12:00 Female Clovis, CA 74° F 5K
My walk was great this the first virtual race I have completed I plan to complete more. I when to Woodward park in the largest parks in my area.
722 1:12:00 Female Los Altos, CA 5K
723 1:12:34 Female US 88° F 5K
724 1:13:00 Female Apache Junction, AZ 90° F 5K
725 1:13:00 Male Apache Junction, AZ 5K
726 1:13:00 Female BUENA PARK, CA 82° F 5K
727 1:13:58 Male Harvest, AL 39° F 10K
Fighting jet lag and a ripping head cold but got my run in...Whoo Hoo!
728 1:14:27 Female Aberdeen , WA 10K
729 🌟 5 1:15:00 Female Anaheim, CA 5K
730 🌟 5 1:15:00 Female Buena Park, CA 5K
My group walked around Buena Park, CA. It was great!!!
731 1:15:00 Female Parkers Prairie, MN 5° F 5K
It was a COLD walk in Minnesota! We are luck that it wasn't 55mph winds this weekend! Cold=Bundling UP=slower walking! But we made it!
732 1:15:00 Female Parkers Prairie, MN 5° F 5K
It was freezing cold. It made me walk faster.
733 1:15:00 Male Parkers Prairie, MN 5° F 5K
734 1:15:00 Female Colorado Springs, CO 5K
735 1:15:00 Female 66° F 10K
Trail running in the desert
736 1:15:00 Male US 5K
737 1:15:00 Female US 5K
This was my first 5K and I'm so proud!
738 1:15:24 Male 29° F 5K
739 1:15:45 Female Rochester, NY 5K
I walked on the treadmill at the Y over two sessions.
740 1:17:42 Female Danbury, WI 35° F 5K
741 1:18:28 Female Savannah, GA 10K
Split up into 2 runs so I could go with 2 different groups of friends and meet their schedules to run Pi Miles on Pi Day. We met at my house for pie after each run :-).
742 ⭐️ 3 1:18:57 Male Hattiesburg, MS 10K
It was cold. It was cloudy. It is done, nonetheless.
743 1:19:20 Female Redlands, CA 90° F 5K
744 1:19:20 Female CA 90° F 5K
745 1:20:00 Female Las Cruces, NM 45° F
I ran on campus at NMSU through areas that my brother and I spent time in as children. He celebrated his last birthday on 3.14.15 the ultimate Pi day. He was an avid runner. My family and friends ran in his honor.
746 πŸ† 13 1:20:10 Male San Bruno, CA 5K
747 1:21:16 Female US 28° F 10K
748 πŸ† 13 1:21:45 Female Orlando, FL 10K
I ran in Jacksonville Florida. Great race, great course.
749 ⭐️ 2 1:22:00 Female US 10K
750 🌟 7 1:22:02 Female Murfreesboro, TN 10K
751 ⭐️ 2 1:23:00 Female Dallastown, PA 25° F 5K
752 1:23:07 Female Phoenix, AZ 72° F 5K
My daughter and I walked to the grocery store, which is about 1.5 miles each way. Great weather today in Phoenix.
753 1:24:13 Female Collierville, TN 67° F 5K
754 1:24:34 Female IA 5K
I was concerned about my knees holding up and they actually felt better than when I started. Rather encouraging. I'll have to keep this up so I'm ready for my summer vacation. Thanks to my co-workers who encouraged me to sign up.
755 🌟 8 1:24:54 Female Acworth, GA 60° F 5K
Was chilly and sprinkles but nice walk! Had a piece of cherry pie at the end to celebrate!
756 🌟 7 1:25:00 Female Brasher Falls, NY 35° F 5K
Wasn't my best time. Even breaking it down it was hard to finish. Between recovering from food poisoning and the funeral yesterday I was just glad to get it done. Most of it was done on a nature trail. Plan on using the trails around here a lot more than I used to. Thanks for the push to get me outside.
757 1:25:10 Female US 26° F 5K
A slow and cold trail hike in the woods for this family!
758 1:25:10 Female Champaign, IL 26° F 5K
A slow and cold trail hike in the woods for this family!
759 1:25:10 Male Champaign, IL 26° F 5K
A slow and cold trail hike in the woods for this family!
760 🌟 8 1:27:26 Female Mangum, OK 10K
This was my first 10K!!! Walked it all on the treadmill. So proud to have finished it!!
761 1:30:00 Female 72° F 5K
We went up from Safeway down Estrella to Estrella high school it was a beautiful day, we kept thinking of our family in Pennsylvania they spent hours shoveling snow.
762 1:30:00 Female US 5K
763 1:30:22 Female Covington, WA 43° F 5K
Walked it in the rain! Planning on trying to jog it with a friend later this week.
764 ⭐️ 2 1:30:23 Female Hilliard, OH 38° F 5K
Downtown Pittsburgh along the river front I walked with MapMyWalk! Distance: 3.14mi, time: 01:30:23, pace: 28:48min/mi, speed: 2.08mi/h.
765 1:30:24 Male Whittier, CA 10K
766 🌟 6 1:30:36 Female Owensboro, KY 48° F 10K
Excited! PR of 43 min on the 5k and hit my goal of 90 min for 10k!
767 1:32:00 Female Wheeling, IL 5K
Due to the unseasonably warm weather in Chicago, my spouse and I were motivated to do our first virtual 5k. This kick-started us to walk or jog outside every free moment we had, enjoying what is typically a long and stagnant winter. Unfortunately we both were having bad asthma issues and about nine inches of show dropped on the day we set aside to run but that didn't stop us! We went to a lo... See more »
768 πŸ† 16 1:33:34 Female Lisle, IL 22° F 10K
769 πŸ† 13 1:33:34 Female New Lenox, IL 22° F 10K
Had a FANTASTIC time as always doing another Pi Day 10K!! Awfully frigid out there, but hey!! Totally worth the super sweet swag ya'll give us!!
770 ⭐️ 2 1:36:40 Female Thornton, CO 81° F 5K
Colorado Hills Open Space. Westminster, CO
771 ⭐️ 2 1:39:00 Female Lowville , NY 25° F 10K
772 🌟 5 1:40:00 Female Loving, NM 56° F 5K
Because of my schedule this week I ended up doing my 5K as a hike. I hiked with an Aunt and cousin through Carlsbad Caverns National Park. Enjoyed the time in the cave.
773 🌟 5 1:45:00 Female Chester, VA 36° F 5K
774 ⭐️ 3 1:45:02 Female Cape Girardeau , MO 10K
My run/ walk 10K was inside on my treadmill. The weather outside was below freezing with snow flurries! I was watching the movie Cars while doing my race!
775 1:47:53 Female SA 10K
776 1:51:44 Female Concordia, KS 10K
777 🌟 5 1:52:20 Male Greensboro, NC 62° F 10K
My walk was awesome. I walked inside our local mall as it was a windy day and snow was heading our way. I wanted to get my 5K in, but found the walking to be so wonderful, I went the extra 5K+.
778 1:54:36 Female chicago, IL 10K
The walk went better than expected given the fact that I had giant blisters on my feet. It was nice to turn on an audiobook and just zone out for a couple of hours. And then of course the pie after made it all the more worthwhile!
779 1:55:44 Female KS 10K
This was so fun! It was my first ever race! This was a great celebration of losing 85 pounds. It was snowing so we had to walk the track inside. I'm already excited to do my next one.
780 ⭐️ 2 1:56:00 Male Columbus, OH 10K
Treadmill in LA Fitness
781 1:56:32 Female Owensboro, KY 59° F 5K
Madsie will be 3 years old and this was her first 5k. We spent it walking around our local zoo looking at all the animals! :-)
782 2:00:00 Female US 5K
783 2:00:00 Male Brisbane, US 60° F 10K
784 πŸ† 14 2:20:02 Female Chicago, IL 10K
It was awesome! Had a great time.
785 2:20:02 Female Chicago, IL 10K
My daughter and I had a great time.
786 ⭐️ 2 2:24:06 Female Farmington, NM 10K
13.14 miles. It was my first half marathon. It was exhausting but I finished it. My legs and feet may never recover but it was worth it.
787 2:25:47 Female Indianapolis, IN 40° F 10K
I did my Pi day 10k at Eagle Creek Park. It was a nice day, with sunny blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Couldn't have asked for better weather. Glad I waited. I was going to do on Pi day when I was 25 degrees, cloudy, cold, and windy. It even snowed a little!
788 2:27:00 Female Dix Hills, NY 34° F 5K
It was very cold. The snow storm that was predicted was not as bad as we all thought it was. I went for an early evening walk around the park, but since it was getting dark I had to skip going through the park like I normally do. this walk was just under 5.5 miles, when I was hoping to do at lease 6..
789 2:29:00 Female Randolph, NJ 22° F 5K
790 2:30:00 Female Avon, OH 25° F 5K
I walked in the city of Cleveland while looking at beautiful historic buildings..part of my walk was in a snow squall then the sun came out,winds were 30 mph..A. great day!
791 2:34:00 Male Renton, WA 10K
The walk was great. I figured out a 10 K route within "walking" distance from home and took off for a Sunday stroll. Total time of 2 Hrs and 34 Minutes. A good start to getting fit. :-)
792 ⭐️ 3 2:42:00 Female West Point, UT 60° F 10K
793 ⭐️ 2 3:00:03 Female Portland, OR 44° F 10K
My Walk was wonderful weather was good. I walk to Westmoreland . Filled up on ice cream . Walk to Sellwood and wanted to keep going . But it was getting dark . So I walk back home got here by 9 PM.. On PI Day I walk 6. 49 miles in pouring rain . I walk from the Ross Island Bridge to the Sellwood Bridge and across. Pushing my old lady Grocery Cart. In my cart was a delicious. APPLE PIE. Whic... See more »
794 ⭐️ 2 3:21:45 Female Chandler, AZ 5K
It might have not taken me as long but the neuropathy in my feet starting acting up so I took it slower
795 3:30:00 Female 5K
Fun and relaxing
796 8:00:00 Female IN 38° F 5K
I didn't go for a specific walk or run. In fact, between the weather and my daughter being sick, I didn't do as much as I usually do. But over the course of the day I still managed to walk 3.5 miles. Not too shabby :)
797 8:00:00 Female US 5K
Did my 5K walking around the office and back and forth on errands.
798 1:09:39:00 Female WA 5K
799 1:16:07:00 Female Huntington Beach, CA 5K
This was fun! I did this around my neighborhood and even stopped by the grocery store during the run!
800 ⭐️ 2 2:00:00:00 Female Wilmington, NC